Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 4:28 AM

Team Minaj

Ughhh. Im Not Even Gonna Try To Describe How I Feel About Nicki Of Any thing Of That Nature Because We'd Be Here All Dayy... But I Will say That I'm Soooo Glad To Be Apart Of Her Team. team Minaj Is Not Just a Team.. I'ts More Like a family Because We Look Out For Each Other, talk To Each , We Can Relate To Each Other & We Always Have Each Others Backs. Nicki Makes Us Feel Like It's Ok To Be Us. To Be Whatever We Want. & To Achieve Anything We Set Our Minds To. Basically Im Just Glad That She's Here Because If She Wasnt I Dont Know What This Team Would Be. She Inspires Me & This Team & I PRAY She Never Stops Because She Means Something To US. I Love Her & I LOVE This Team.
O.T.M. ~ We're The Half To Her Whole.

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