Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 1:48 AM

The Pink Friday Perfume Signing. :)

Ok So after School I Was Gonna To Macys In the City To Get Nicki's Perfume Even Though I Thought She Wasnt gonna Be There Still And Because I Didnt Have A VIP Pass To Meet Her. Butttttt When I Got To Macy's They Told me She was Upstairs And I ALmost Dieddd. We Snuck Pass Security And Went Upstairs To Where Nicki was Even Though We didnt Have The $155 Package. We Met Some Girl with The VIP Looking for Nicki too And I Made Friends With Her :P Lol She Was Nice And Tried To Get Us To Met Nicki With Her.. Unfortantely It Didnt Work and Me And My Friends Didnt Meet Nicki But i Did Kinda see Her from Far away And She wAS GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSs. :'.'.') It Was My First Time ever Seeing Her In rEsl Life And even though I Could barely see Through The Crowd She wAs Perfectionnn. Now I Need Her To come To NY Or The States For Her Reloaded TourSo Can MEET Her And I'll be GOOD. ;) Kay, Signing Out. Muahh !! ;-*

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