Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 1:40 PM


Good Day! Today I am a huge revolt. I'm from Portugal, and here, at least in national magazines Nicki is not very famous, and hardly any articles come out to talk about it, and when it comes out, it is to point the finger and speaking ill of her. I hate this! I'm a teenager, I'm fifteen, and I read a magazine called BRAVO, a gossip magazine for teenagers. So this morning, I recorded it on their site, ask to try to publish more and more often and more things about it so I can paste posters on my bedroom wall, so I could look all day for my idol. And guess what, I could not! At the site of Portugal, did not accept suggestions. I was going to end when oedir for bringing these issues into the mega-poster of One Direction, publish one of Nicki Minaj, because very rarely publish a her. Just publish the JB, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and some famous characters Portuguese. Okay, some people like them a lot and stuff, but constantly the same people? I mean .. There are more people and more admirers beyond them! Oh God, I just ask you to give me a lot of patience, that very precise. Anyway, I'll keep trying to see if I hear and at least publish a poster in an upcoming issue, because right now I only have ONE in my room! I'm so sad! But anyway, console me know that despite everything she keeps doing what she does best and still the apple of my eye! LOVE HER!


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