Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 6:00 AM

I am very sad Kenbarbie....

Hello everyone! I just wanted to idk... just vent I guess... I am a very big Nicki Minaj fan, just like all of you. and I love Nicki, I look up to her as my role model, she is my To-Go person when I feel lonelly or upset and just gone you know? Nicki has saved my life from depression MULTIPLE TIMES. Her music just inspered me to keep on going and never give up on life and to not ever forget my dreams. I am very sad because of the fact that... I am deprived of having the Re-Up because of financial problems... and like I take care of myself and I pay for my own stuff bc I have a job and stuff, but its really hard to go out and get stuff I would like to have. Just so you know I am not posting htis for pitty and for someone to buy me the Re-Up, thats not what this is about... Im just venting lol. Who better to than the Barbz? :) but yea... I love Nicki and I love and i do support her 20000 %. of the time. like Nicki in my eyes can do NO wrong, lol. But I hope that all you Barbz and Kenbarbz are enjoying the Re-up and when you are, listen to it for me <3

Thanks for listening you guys <3 and have a great night! muah!!

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