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Dricki story Chapter. 3

Dricki :) Ch. 3

Nicki: im sitting in my house all alone this sucks

Nicki went to clean up carefully then she ate her dinner and went to bed

The next morning nicki got a text from drake that said “Good Morning Beautiful”

Nicki: Good Morning Drake

Drake: What are you doin today?

Nicki: Nothing and im bored entertain me :)

Drake: Ok how bout we go to the studio and work on that song you wanted to work on

Nicki: Yay

Drake: Am i earning alot of points

Nicki: Of course you are lol

Drake: Good ok nicki im gettin ready

Nicki: Ok im getting dressed now

Drake: Ok ill see ya there soon ok

Nicki: Ok Bye Drake

Drake: Bye Nicki :)

While nicki was getting dressed drake out to the store to get flowers and strawberries and he put the flowers on the studio table and he hid the strawberries in the mini fridge then he hid in the backroom closet and waited for nicki, nicki came into the studio wearing short shorts with leggings and a shirt that said moment 4 life then she saw the flowers and smiled at them then drake wrapped his arms around her and she was startled

Nicki: Drake why did you scare me

Drake: Sorry Nic you going to give me a hug

Nicki: I dont kno

Drake walked over to her and he tickled her and she was laughing then she she said

Nicki: Ok ok ill give you a hug if you stop tickling me ok

Drake stopped and she gave him a hug then they both sat on the couch and they stared at each other for a second until nicki said

Nicki: So you want to get working on this song

Drake: Yea heres some lyrics i was thinkin about for the chorus

Nicki jus sat back and watched and Drake went into the booth and started singin the chorus

Girl if you only knew

What im thinkin bout

I look into ur eyes and i cant figure out but

You got my heart jumpin and jumpin so

Your the one i kno it i kno it so

Then he stopped singing the chorus and nicki said

Nicki: Whats wrong why did you stop

Drake: Uh no reason

Then he walked out and nicki said

Nicki: Hey so i was thinking and i wanted to know do you want to start the verse or me

Drake: Whatever you want

Nicki: Ok well i have something you want to hear it

Drake: Yea

Then nicki went into the booth and started rappin

I am me and you are you

Your the for me and im the one for you

When you put that ring on my finger then ill kno its true

I feel the love when we hug im feelin sick yea love sick

For you i cant get ova what you do and to top it off your real cute oh (laughs)

Girl if you only knew

What im thinkin bout

I look into ur eyes and i cant figure out but

You got my heart jumpin and jumpin so

Your the one i kno it i kno it so

Then drake went into the booth and nicki came out and drake rapped

Uh i hear you girl and i cant figure out what it is that i crave when im in or out

So maybe one day maybe someday we’ll be something i know it

When you take off and im the head captain and rowing

I look into the sky it makes me want to buy so that no day will be a gloomy day so

Lets take a sec and vibe and say lets go

Girl if you only knew

What im thinkin bout

I look into ur eyes and i cant figure out but

You got my heart jumpin and jumpin so

Your the one i kno it i kno it so

(Sings quieter)

I look into your eyes and i cant figure out

But you got my heart jumpin and jumpin so

your the one i know it i know it ohoh

Then drake came out the booth and she played back the whole songand she said

Nicki: I love it

Drake: I love it too

Then drake leaned in and kissed her after they kissed

Drake: So how was that

Then drake smiled

Nicki: Eh it couldve been better

Drake: Really well how bout i make it up to you

Then he kissed her passionately

Nicki: Your really cute you know that

Drake: Yea but your way cuter than me

Nicki: Nah i think you are

Drake: Fine how bout we both say its a tie deal

Nicki: Ok

Then she kissed him

Drake: Hey so do you like strawberries

Nicki: Yea why

Drake went over to the mini fridge and took out the strawberries that he hid and went to go sit back down with nicki

Nicki: Feed them to me

Drake: You want me to

Nicki: Yea

Then he fed her one and she said

Nicki: You dont mind food my mouth while we kiss

Drake: No why

Nicki: Come here

Then nicki took a bite of strawberry and put it in her mouth then he tongue kissed her and he ate the strawberry

Drake: So hows your arm doing

Nicki: Good i just cant wait to get out of it

Drake: Your funny

Nicki: How

Drake: You just are and i love girls that can make me laugh

Nicki: Oh really so drake what are we

Drake: What do you mean

Nicki: Like relationship wise

Drake: Well do you want to be in one or no

Nicki: I do

Drake: Well then we are

Nicki: No you cant do it like that

Drake: Why not

Nicki: Because nobody does it like that

Drake: Ok sorry Nicki but do you want to be my girlfriend

Nicki: Thats better and yes i do want to be your girlfriend

Drake: Come here

Then he kissed nicki

Drake: Do you want to get outta here

Nicki: Yea lets go to my house

Then they walked out of the studio and went into their seperate cars and drove to nickis house the she unlocked it and went all the way upto her bedroom and she said

Nicki: Im tired

Drake: Well go to bed

Nicki: No not until you tuck me in

Drake: Ok

Then he tucked her in and and gave her a kiss on her forehead then he started to walk out and nicki grabbed his arm

Nicki: No dont go

Drake: You dont want me to go

Nicki: No come stay here with me

Drake: Ok only for you ok

Nicki: Yay

Then he took off his shirt and pants and shoes and got into the bed Then nicki kissed his lips

Drake: Whats was that for

Nicki: For staying with me

Then drake put his arms around her and they both fell asleep

The next morning drake and nicki both woke up at the same time and smiled at each other

Drake: How did you sleep sleeping beauty

Nicki: Great now that your here

Then they got up brushed their teeth and went downstairs

Drake: Hey nic i gotta go home

Nicki: Why

Drake: Because i gotta get new clothes and i hav a photoshoot today

Nicki sighed

Nicki: Ok but ill miss you

Drake: Ill miss you too

Then he kissed her and left Nicki went to sit on her couch and she looked at drake and hers pictures on her phone and was sad then she got a thought in her head

Nicki: Im going to that photoshoot

She smiled

The third chapter hope you liked it sorry its a cliff hanger but ill post soon and p.s i jus thought of that song on the top of my head jus now lol anyways chapter 4 is comin soon :)

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