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Drake arrived first and he yelled “Anybody Here” and nobody answered so he looked everywhere in the house and he was amazed then he went to the bedrooms and picked one with 2 bedrooms in it then he went downstairs to wait for everybody to come then he heard somebody come in and he saw her and gave her a hug

Drake: Hi im Drake nice to meet you

Nicki: Hi nice to meet you too im Nicki

Drake: You look beautiful

Nicki: Thanks

Nicki Smiled

Nicki: I can tell were going to be very good friends

Drake: Yea me too hey do you want to go check out the rooms

Nicki: Yea lets go

They walked up the stairs and she looked at all the rooms then she stopped

Nicki: This is your room

Drake: Yea

Nicki: But this looks good for me

She sighed

Drake: So only thing to do is you have to share the room with me

Nicki: Ok

Then she put all her things away in her dresser and closet after that Nicki and Drake went downstairs and they sat on the couch and he had his arm around hers then Lil Wayne came in saying “Its Tunechi” and Drake looked at Nicki and they got up and Drake dapped him and Wayne gave Nicki a hug then he went to go pick out a room and after that he came down they all was watching tv together until Shanell came she hugged Nicki then Drake then Wayne

Nicki: You look gorgeous

Shanell: Thanks do too i like your dress its so pretty

Then Shanell took Nicki by her hand and whispered

Shanell: You have dibs on Drake right

Nicki: I think we’ll see how it goes

Shanell: Ya’ll would make a real cute couple though

Nicki: Thanks

Then Shanell an Nicki both laughed and looked at Drake and Drake looked back at her then Nicki went to sit back down next to Drake and Shanell went to sit in the rocking chair

Drake: What were you guys talking about?

Nicki: None of your business

Wayne: Oh she got you though bro

Drake: Was it about me

Nicki: Maybe it was or maybe it wasn’t?

Drake sighed loudly then he got up

Drake : Im going to my room

Nicki: Drake

Then he kept walking

Nicki: Really Drake omg

Then she went upstairs

Nicki: Drake

Then she went in the room and sat on the bed with him

Nicki: Im sorry ok

Drake smiled

Drake: Its ok but the only way to get over this is if you tell me about what you and Shanell talked about

Nicki: Fine but they were only good things

Drake: Which were?

Nicki: Mostly things like your cute and i have dibs on you and you have gorgeous eyes you know the usual

Drake: Ahh i see now i feel better

Nicki: Do you?

Drake leaned in and kissed her then after they were done they went back downstairs and sat on the couch a couple of minutes later Sb came into the house all loud and Drake and Wayne dapped him and Nicki and Shanell gave him a hug then lastbut not least Honey Cocaine came in the house and Nicki, Drake, Wayne, Shanell, and Sb all hugged her then they all went upstairs to their rooms to get settled Drake closed Nicki and his door and then Drake suggested they go to a club today so they got ready and was at the club but it all went downhill from there………………………….

Cliffhanger sorry but keep reading and tell other dricki fans to read it hope you lik it more to come soon sorry its short it will get longer bye :)

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