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Everybody was enjoying their time at the club they got their drinks and drank all of it then they were all dancing and the 3 guys drifted away from nicki,shanell, and honey and nicki reached on her tippy toes to see drake, wayne, and sb dancing with girls. They all left the club and walked home drake,wayne, and sb had girls with them and nicki was mad at drake but tryed not to show it

She got in the house and took off her heels and went upstairs to shanells bed and layed with her and they both fell asleep drake knew nicki was mad that he had a girl and he didnt want to disrespect her so he decided not to have sex with the girl from the club so he just cuddled with her for a few more minutes and then he called her a cab and he went back upstairs and peeked in shanells room and saw nicki sleeping next to her so he quietly walked in and kissed nickis forehead and then went back to his room and went to sleep

The next morning nicki was trying to avoid drake all day but when they all finished breakfast drake went over to nicki

Drake: Can we talk ?

Nicki: I guess

They went upstairs nicki sat on her bed and drake sat on his bed

Drake: Look let me hear what you have to say then ill answer any questions you have ok

Nicki: Ok but heres the thing i just understand how you can flirt and do everything you want with me and then go have sex with a girl from the club to me thats not good on your part

Then drake noticed that she was crying but making no sound so he stood up and sat next to nicki and wiped her tears

Drake: But heres the thing nicki i didnt have sex with her because i respect you to much and your one of my best friends already ok im sorry if i hurt you I love you nicki

Nicki: I love you too drake

Drake held her hand then he leaned in to kiss her then they both pulled back and smiled drake closed the door all the way and he took nickis hand and pulled her to his bed and they cuddled then sb came into their room

Nicki: Knock much

Sb: Sorry ayo are you guys going with everyone to shop and to dinner

Drake and nicki looked at each other

Drake: Um nah but you guys have fun though i think were going to go out soon and see you guys later

Sb: Ok ill see yall peace

Then he closed the door as soon as they heard the car drive off drake took off his shirt and then they got out of bed and went downstairs when they were in the kitchen drake picked up nicki and put her on the counter and kissed her then when they pulled away

Nicki: Im happy im here with you

Drake: Im happy im here with you too

He gave her another kiss Then the phone rang and nicki hopped down from the counter and they went to the phone station and sat on the bean bag chair and he held her hand and nicki whispered “Its my mom”

Nicki: Hi ma

Carol: Hey Sweetie how are you

Nicki: Its really good

Carol: Did you meet anyone i like

Nicki smiled at that question

Nicki: Yea i actually did hes my roommate his names Drake

Drake looked at nicki and smiled

Carol: Can i talk to him

Nicki: Yea i guess

She gave the phone to drake

Drake: Hey Ms. Maraj

Carol: Call me Carol

Drake: Ok

Carol: Do you like my daughter

Drake Yea very much

Carol: Then can you watch after her

Drake: Always

Carol: Promise

Drake: I promise with all my heart

Carol: Ok Thanks Drake Love you

Drake smiled at her saying i love you

Drake: Love you too Carol

Nicki smiled as she looked in drakes eyes then drake hung up

Drake: I think she likes me

Nicki: Of course she does who doesn’t like you

Drake: Ready to go

Nicki: Yea lets go

Drake put a shirt on and sprayed cologne on and they walked to Coney Island and they got on the big Ferris Wheel she layed her head on drakes chest and she closed her eyes and she waited for it to be over

The Ferris Wheel stopped and drake and nicki got off and then drake and nicki both thought this is the first family dinner and they couldnt miss this so they went to the restaurant and they saw wayne, sb, shanell, and honey and they went to sit with them then they all put their hands on top of each other and said YMCMB til the death of me then they all ate

Nicki: I just want to say ive known you all for a day, now 2 but ive come to be friends with all of you already i love you all your my new family now and i cant wait to get to now you better throughout these months i love you guys

Drake,Shanell,Wayne,Sb,Honey: We love you too Nicki

They all got up from the table and group hugged their new family

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