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Chapter 9: Savannah Tiara Graham

Chapter 9: Savannah Tiara Graham

6 Months Later


Nicki : My God Iam Like A Big House * Puts Head Down*

Drake : No Your Not Savannah Is Going To Be Chunky Baby I Can’t Wait To See Her I Wonder Who She Looks Like

Nicki : Probally Me I Think Shes Going To Look Like Me Through The Sonogram She Had Mommy Nose And Mommy Lips My Beautiful Angel I Love Her Already *Rubbing Tummy*

Drake : No She Going To Look Like Her Daddy Which Is Me , But We’ll See In About 3 Weeks I Can’t Wait To See My Little Princess

Nicki : *Chessing Hard * Well She Looked Just Like Me Through The Sonogram But We Will See And My Waters Is Going To Break In A Week I Don’t Wanna Be Prego Anymore Iam To Tired With A Big Old Pregant Nose

Drake *Laughs* Baby You Will Be Fine Savannah Is Healthy And Beautiful Be Grateful She Is Okay And Healthy I Don’t Care How Much You Weight I Think Your The Most Gorgoues Women I’ve Ever Seen So Shut Up And Kiss Me

Nicki : *Kisses Drake Lips Softly * I Love You So Much Aubrey Drake Graham Iam Blessed To Be Your Wife And The Mother Of Your Child

Drake : I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way My Queen

* Nicki Goes In The Bathroom Taking A Picture Of Her Pregant Belly Saying Princess Graham Will Be Here Sooner Than You Know Via Twitter*

*Retweeted By Drake Look At My Two Beautiful Women *

*Retweeted By Cassie Awe My GodDaughter And My Sister I Love You To Beauties *

*Retweeted By Amber Rose Look At My Godaughter Baking In The Oven Waiting To Come Out Sister You Look So Lovely With Your Pregant Nose Awe I Love It *

*Retweeted By Lil Wayne Nicki Looking All Beautiful With Baby Graham Were Ready For The Future Young Money Edition Love You Little Graham *

Nicki Via Twitter*Awe I Love You All @Cassie,Drake,Amber , LilWayne , And Everyone Else Muah She Will Be Here Soon @Drake Can’t Wait To See Who She Going To Look Like *

Drake In The Room Plays Donell Jones - I Wanna Love You

*I wanna love you
Every night every day
You know I need you
In my life you stay
I wanna love you
Every night every day
You know I need you
In my life you stay

You are the reason why i live ummm
A newfond joy I can’t contain (yeah)
Found myself thinking bout your love ummm
Its a feeling I getonly my heart can explain
You know what*

Drake : Nicki Come Here And Dance With Me

Nicki : Drake Aw * Gets Up Singing *

*I wanna love you
Every night every day
I wanna need you
in my life you stay
I wanna love you
Every night Every day*

Drake : Listen To This

*Girl I think about you every day
hoping you’ll never go away
Its so special what we have to share
Seems all I need is tender love and care
Girl I think about you every night
See a dinner and a candle light
Soon my love would be all you need
We’ll be togeter for eternity

I wanna love you
Every night every day
I wanna need you
in my life you stay
I wanna love you
Every night Every day

I’m loving I’m loving you baby
Gonna say it one more time
I’m loving I’m loving you baby
I’m loving you baby
Said I’m loving I’m loving you baby
I’m loving you baby

I wanna love you
Every night every day
I wanna need you
In my life you stay
I wanna love you
every night every day
I wanna need you
In my life you stay*

Drake : Queen Minaj I Love You

Nicki : Drake I Love You More Baby You’ve Been So Good To Me And Taken Good Care Of Me I Think You For Being In My Life

Drake : No Thank You

Nicki : Iam Gunna Go And Lay Down Iam Tired Sweetie

Drake : Go Ahead I’ll Be Downstairs

*Nicki Starts Feels Something Wet But It Isn’t From Being Sexually Aroused , As She Starts Screaming She Realizes Her Water Breaking Right Now She Starts Calling Drake*

Nicki : *Screaming * Drakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeee My Water Broke

Drake : Oh My God *Picks Up Phone Dials 911*

911 Operator : Hello This Is 911 Emergency

Drake : My Wife Onika Graham Is In Labor I Need Aumblance Right Now Please Hurry

911 Operator : Well Be There In 10 Mintues Hold On Tight Keep Her Calm

Drake : *Stares At Nicki Looking At The Life They Both Created About To Come And Change Their Life Forever *Nicki Baby Hold On Savannah Hold On For Daddy I Know Your Pretty Face Is Waiting For The World *

Nicki : Drake Shut The Fuck Up Because You Did This To Me

Drake : Nicki Watch Your Mouth I Know Your In Pain But Damn

Ambulence Arrive At The House Carrying Nicki On The Strecher While Drake Is In The Back With Nicki Giving Labor

Drake Calling Cassie , Amber , Wayne , The In Laws , His Mother

Cassie : Drake Where Is Nicki , And Savannah

Amber : Oh God I Just Put Maddie To Sleep Awe My Baby Girl Is Here

Drake : Down The Hall But I Gotta Go There So Yall Make Sure Everyone Else Is Here And Comfortable

Amber And Nicki : You Got It *Smiling*

*Delivery Room *

Dr.Habibi : Nicki On 1,2,3, Push

Nicki : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *Pushing *

Dr.Habibi : I See Her Head

Drake : Baby Shes Almost Here Aw

Nicki : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*Pushing Again Holding Drake Hands

Drake : Come On One More Push Baby

Dr.Habibi : Nicki One More Good Push Take A Deep Breathe

(Nicki InnerThoughts: My God My Little Princess Is Finally Here After 9 Long Months I Get To Hold My Baby Girl Kiss Her And Tell Her How Much She Means To Me I Love My Daughter So Much Shes Going To Be My Bestfriend And Love For The Rest Of My Life )

Nicki : *Pushes *Urgggggggggggggggg Savannah

Dr.Habibi : Its Mrs.Graham *Holds Savannah And Wraps Her Up In A Pink Blanket *

Drake :* Cries * I Love You Savannah And Nicki

Nicki : *Holds Her * I Told You She Looks Like Me My Lightskin Princess I Love You Baby Girl

Drake : Sure Tyga Aint Her Daddy *Chuckles *

Nicki : I Will Slap The Shit Out Of You Drake *Laughing*

Dr.Habibi : *Takes Her To The Scale : 8 lbs , 5 ounces , And 21 inches long What A Big Baby*

Nicki : My Chunky Mama Is Hungry

Drake :* Laughing *

Mrs. Maraj : Look At My Grandaughter She So Beautiful Looking So Peaceful

Mr.Maraj : Look At Her Just Sleeping Shes So Special

Cassie : Look At My Lightskin Beauty I Love You Savannah Tiara Graham

Amber : Oh God She Is Stunning My Beautiful Daughter Laying With Mommy *Calling Whiz* Shes So Beautiful Baby Bring Maddie *Crying Tears Of Joy *

Ms.Graham : Savannah My First And Only Grandbaby I Love You Already My Princess You Are Forever Cherished My Bundle Of Joy

Lil Wayne : My Little Graham Is Here Love You Lots Little Mama

Drake : She Opening Her Eyes For Her Daddy Your So Gorgeous Daughter You Look Like Me But You Resmeble Your Moms I Love You Princess Daddy Little Girl Forever *Kissing Her Little Hands *

Nicki : *Staring Down At Savannah * I Love You So Much Beautiful You Make My Life So Much More Happier Since I Was Blessed With You My Blessing Your So Perfect And Amazing I Will Always Protect You From Hurtful People And This World This Room Is Filled With So Much Love From Everyone Who Loves You Welcome Baby Graham

Drake : Forever Cherished My Savannah *Kissing Her Finger Tips *

Tell Me What You Think Chapter 10 Will Be Up Soon Hope You Cryed , Shed Tears , Enjoyed :)

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