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Photo shoot

*Note : this is kind of random lol but people on my instagram have been wanting a new story ! So here ya go!*

The twins are now 2 years old.

“Say it with me Aubriana. A , B , C”,Nicki said to Aubrianna

(How she says it) , “Ah , Bay , See”

“Okay you’re getting there honey !”, Nicki said while hugging & giving Aubriana a kiss

Aubriana giggles

“Nicki!”, Drake yells from up stairs

“What ! Come down stairs !”

Nick is playing with his toys near Nicki & Aubriana

Drake comes down stairs , “Guess what!”


“Elle wants to do a photo shoot with me , you & the kids”

“Really? Ehhh I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you know I like to keep the kids out of the public eye but this is just putting them in the public eye!”

“Come on babe ! It’ll be fun ! & We can show off our beautiful kids!”

He gave her a big smile

Nicki smiles ,”I can’t resist your beautiful smile ! So fine!”

He gave her a huge kiss

“Nick ! Are you excited to do a photo shoot?”, Drake asked Nick

“No ! Daddy I don’t vant to go!”, Nick shouted

Since Nick was born first he can talk a little bit better than Aubriana

“Dats vot wice Nick”, Aubriana said

“I would listen to your sister if I were you Nick!”, Drake demanded

“Fine”, Nick said with a sigh

“Okay so the photo shoot is in 2 days!”

“I can’t wait!”

2 days later …

“Nicki! Aubriana let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Drake yelled from down stairs with Nick standing next to him

They’re waiting anxiously for Nicki & Aubriana to come down stairs so they can leave for the Elle photo shoot

“Nigga don’t rush us!!!”Nicki yelled from up stairs

15 min. later they finally come down stairs in matching sweat suits. Nicki’s is hot pink while Aubriana’s is light pink.

“Vaddy ron’t we look cute?”Aubrianna asked Drake as she was showing off her sweat suit

“Yes you do my little princess”, Drake said as he picked her up

“And what do you have to say about the queen?”Nicki asked Drake

“You look ugly!”, Drake told her

“Alright fine guess you ain’t getting none of this tonight!” , Nicki said as she picked Nick up & headed to the car.

“Vad vaddy!”, Aubriana told Drake

“Oh princess you need a little more practice with your D’s & B’s!”

They all got into the car & were headed to the Elle shoot

Once they got on set they had someone do Nicki’s makeup & she let Aubriana sit on her lap while she got it done

Once they were ready it was time to take pics

The director said the theme for the shoot is classy

Drake had on a suit kind of like the one her had on for the GQ photo shoot & leather shoes

Nick had on a formal shirt with a bow tie & suit pants with leather shoes too

Nicki had on a pencil skirt , with a white blouse & bow tie on with it & black pumps. She had her long blonde hair on with curls

Aubriana had on the same thing as Nicki except her hair is naturally curly & she has a small bow in her hair

First they took a picture of all of them together

Nicki loved one of the pictures of all of them so much that she wants it to be their family photo in their living room

Then Nicki & Drake took pictures together they hugged , kiss & smiled everyone on the set were in love with the couple

In one of the pictures you could see Nicki’s engagement ring perfectly

Then Nick & Aubriana took pictures together & they goofed around

Then Nicki & Aubriana

Then Drake & Nick

Then Nicki & Nick

Then Drake & Aubriana

Then it was time to interview them

I = interview



NG=Nick *Graham*


I: Well look at the happy family! How are you guys?

D: We’re good just living life & having fun

I: So tell us! How do the kids act?

D: They like to act silly but who doesn’t love them ? But Aubriana is turning into a mini Nicki *laughs*all those little boys at the park try to flirt with Aubriana!

N: Haha! It’s true though ! But Nick get’s his attitude from me ! I admit it but he get’s his flirting skills from his father ! He’s turning little girls down all the time! Haha

I:Cute! What’s new with your career? * Asking both of them *

D: Actually we’re working on a album together ! We haven’t quite got the name of it yet buy we’re working on it!

N: Yeah ! We’re releasing a track form it next week! Our fans are going to F R E A K! Especially when they hear Aubriana & Nick’s voice in it.

I: Wow ! Aubriana , Nick is that true?

A: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NG: Yes but I’m a bwtter singer than her

I: * Laughs *So, you guys have been engaged for about a year now , when’s the big day?

N: Well we’re not hiring a wedding planner is one thing I can tell you ! We’re planning it on our own but it’s coming along very well!

D: All I can tell you guys is we will be married by the end of this year!

A: I’m da fwower girl!

I: Last question , what’s the colors / theme?

N: Well of course we’ll have some pink ! But his favorite color is brown so it’s pink & brown ! & We’re going for a moment for life theme but we’re not getting married at the same place like in the music video!

D: *Laughs* Yeah It’s just going to be a really special day for the all of us

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