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YMCMB House Of NYC :)

The next morning everyone was slowly waking up but they all wanted to have a family day so they called some of their family and friends for a party last night so nicki woke up first and she brushed her teethe and showered then she went to drakes bed and she climbed on drake

Nicki: Drake Wake up

Drake: Uh yea im up

Nicki: Come on you have to wake up and get ready for the party ok ill come back in a few you better be up

Drake: Ok

Nicki climbed off him and went out the room and closed the door behind her she went to go wake up shanell and honey second

Nicki: Shanell and Honey wake up

They shot up out of the bed

Honey: What what happened

Nicki: Nothing but you guys need to wake up because the party’s soon and we gotta get everything ready ok

Shanell: Fine were getting ready now

Nicki: Ok ill be back you guys better be ready

Then nicki went to Wayne’s and Sb’s room third

Nicki turned the radio on so loud that they woke right up and fell out their beds then she turned it off

Nicki: Good your up now get ready for the party we need to still set things up before everybody gets here

Sb: Fine but you why did you blast the music so damn loud

Nicki: Because im too low and you wouldnt have heard me

Wayne: Well we heard you loud and clear

Nicki: Good now get ready losers

Then nicki went back to her room and drake was in the shower so she went downstairs and made breakfast for everyone then Drake came down in a wifebeater and white shorts

Drake: Hey

Nicki: Hey

Drake gave her a hug and then he pulled away to give her a kiss and shanell and honey came down and said “ooooooh” in unison and drake and nicki pulled apart and she was embarrassed so she put her head on drakes chest and drake smiled

Nicki: Where are the boys

Honey: Uh i dont kno

Then nicki went upstairs to see if lil wayne and sb were up and sb was putting on his shirt and wayne had shorts on and no shirt then they all went down together and sb and wayne dapped drake

Nicki: Ok so everybody eat and then well get the house ready for the party ill be upstairs

Drake: Wait nicki did you eat yet

Nicki: Yea i did when i was making food but ill be upstairs if you need me call me

Drake: Ok

Then nicki went upstairs and drake and everybody finished up their breakfast then they all went into drake and nickis room and said “What do we do” and nicki got off her bed

Nicki: Ok sb and wayne you guys are going to move some of the furniture because their in the way and your strong

Drake: Then what am i doing

Nicki: Dont worry youll be with me at the store ok

Shanell: And what about me and honey

Nicki: I dont know clean he kitchen or do what ever you want ok

Honey: Ok fine with me

Shanell: Fine with me too

Nicki: Ok so everybody we have like 2 hours to get this place ready so go

Everybody was waiting to see if she was going to say anything then

Nicki: Go!

Then everybody murmured words and ran into each other and then they left her room except for drake he stayed and went to sit next to her

Drake: You ready to go

Nicki: Your wearing that

Drake: Why whats wrong with it

Nicki: Drake calm down i was just kidding ok and yes lets go

Then drake got off the bed and took nicki’s hand in his and they walked down the stairs and into the car drake drove all the way to the supermarket where celebs shopped so people wouldn’t hound them and they went in and got a cart

Nicki: I want to get in the cart

Drake: Really

Nicki: Yes now close you eyes and turn around so i can get in

Drake: Ok but i dont know why i should close my eyes

Nicki: So you dont see me

Then nicki got in the cart and put her two legs through the holes

Nicki: Ok open your eyes im ready

Then drake turned to nicki and opened his eyes

Drake: Give me a kiss

Then nicki leaned into his lips and kissed him

Nicki: Your so cute

Drake: I know

Drake: Whats your favorite candy

Nicki: Uh kit kat bars and twix why

Drake: No reason

Nicki: Yea ok

Drake: So where do we go first

Nicki: Um hold on

She pulled out her phone and scrolled down her list

Nicki: Lets go to cups first

Drake: Ok

Then drake turned the cart and he pushed it to the cup aisle and drake picked up like 2 packs of big red plastic cups with 50 in each so 100 cups altogether

Drake: Where to next

Nicki: Chip aisle

Then drake pushed it to the chip aisle

Drake: Ok im just gonna start throwing things in

Nicki: Ok

Then drake just threw in alot of chip bags

Drake: Where now

Nicki: Wine and juice aisles

Drake: Ok

Then drake pushed to the wine aisle and he just put in like 6 big wine bottles

Drake: To the juice aisle right

Nicki: Yea

Then he pushed to the juice aisle and got lemonade, hawaiian juice and 4 big bottles of soda

Drake: Ok where next

Nicki: Um the last thing is we got to the aisles with sweets

Then she smiled

Drake: Ok

Then drake went to get doughnuts so he got 9 boxes glaze, chocolate, powdered, crumb cake, plain, cinnamon, frosted, cream, and pumpkin then he went to the candy aisle and he just started throwing candy in the cart by now it was full then drake stopped throwing and he looked to see kit kats and twix so he put that in the cart

Drake: Are we done

Nicki: Um sorry i skipped one so go to the meat aisles

Drake: Ok

Then he went to the meat aisle and put steak, chicken, franks, and hamburger in the cart

Drake: Anything else

Nicki: Nope lets get this checked out

Drake pushed the cart to the checkout and somebody put all the groceries in the bags and drake payed and then somebody put the bags in the trunk of their car then once everything was in the car drake drove to the house then drake told wayne and sb to come out and get the bags so they did and then shanell, honey, wayne, sb, drake, and nicki put everything away and the boys started preparing the meat on the grill and the girls started putting the sweets out and they started pouring drinks in the cups for everyone then the first person arrived nicki went over to the door and opened it and she was surprised

I wonder who the person was anyways hope you like it and the next chapter is comin soon give me some feedback and share my story thanks i might even do another chapter today if i get some likes bye :)

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