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YMCMB House Of NYC :) Ch. 5

YMCMB House Of NYC :)

It was the next morning and nicki was wrapped in drakes arms then she moved his arms off and she quietly walked into the bathroom and took a shower when she got out of the shower she saw drake sitting up

Nicki: Hey Sleepy boy

Drake: Hey

Then she walked over to him and gave him a hug then a kiss and they both smiled at each other

Nicki: Now get ready family meeting in a few ok

Drake: Ok

Then he went to get in the shower and nicki went to go check on everybody and they were all getting ready so nicki went outside and sat on the bench outside and a few minutes later everybody was coming down including her brother and niece so everybody gathered around on the couches and listened

Nicki: Ok everybody were having this meeting because i dont know where we should all go today as a family so give some suggestions

Wayne: Why dont we all go to the beach today

Nicki: That is a good idea wayne good thinking ok so since we have that settled now everybody go pack a bag for the beach while i go with my brother to the airport ok

Drake: Wait let me say bye to destiny

Nicki: Ok

Drake walked over to jelani and destiny and destiny reached her hands out and drake picked her up and then he walked outside with her

Drake: So destiny did you have fun

Then destiny cooed

Drake: Ok ill take that as a yes but you gotta go back to your dad ok but dont worry ill call you ok i love you destiny

Then destiny kissed drake on his lips and then his nose and drake smiled then took her back into the house and gave her to jelani and jelani and nicki headed to the car and drove off meanwhile drake and everybody went to go pack a beach bag

Nicki: So jelani im gonna miss you bro

Jelani : Im gonna miss you too sis ok love you

Nicki: Ok love you lani and destiny

Then she gave destiny a hug and a kiss and then gave jelani a hug and with that he left to get on the plane nicki drove to the house and then went up to her room to pack a bag

4 Hours later

Everybody had all their things packed and then they the girs got in a car and the boys in another car and wayne was driving the boys car and shanell was driving the girls car and both cars arrived at the same time shanell honey and nicki went with the boys and drake and nicki sat next to each other on the log (they had a campfire by the way) shanell sat next to wayne and sb sat next to honey they were all having a good time and then nicki went to sit on drakes lap and he wrapped his arms around her stomach and then nicki pulled out her phone and started taking pictures with drake then drake was looking at wayne so nicki pulled his face to hers and kissed him then when they stopped

Wayne: Nicki got off drake real quick me and sb gotta talk to him

Nicki: Ok

Then she got off his lap and she sat next to honey and shanell

Nicki: What do you think they’re talking about

Shanell: I dont know but it cant be good

Nicki: Now im worried

A few minutes later wayne and sb stopped talking to drake and then drake came over to nicki and took her hand and walked a few steps closer to the other side of the beach

Nicki: Drake is everything ok

Drake: Oh yeah it was a good talk not bad

Nicki: Oh thank god

Drake: Why, did you think it was bad

Nicki: Well yea because it was just the way wayne said it

Drake: Oh no but yet it was good ok

Nicki: Was it about me

Drake: None of your business ok

Nicki: I know he aint…

Drake cut her off

Drake: Yea im talking to you

(Smart ass)

Nicki: Now im mad

Drake: What babe no dont be mad i love you

Nicki: Fine i love you too

Then drake kissed her and everybody was putting the bags in the car then they got in the separate girl and boy cars and they drove home when they got home they all sat on the couch and discussed the beach then they went to their rooms nicki was in her bed and drake came over to her bed

Nicki: Drake what are you doing

Drake: Are you coming to sleep with me

Nicki looked him in his eyes

Nicki: No im mad at you still goodnight drake

Drake: Fine but im sorry and i love you nicki

Nicki: Ok

A few seconds later drake jumped right are her bed

Nicki: Drake what the hell are you doing

Drake: Are you going to sleep with me

Nicki: Omg drake fine fine you win ill sleep with you because if not im not going to get any sleep ugh

Drake: True

Then nicki went to drakes bed and layed in his arms

Drake: Love you babe

Nicki: Love you too now lets go to sleep

Then they both slowly drifted to sleep meanwhile in wayne and sb room they were talking about what they were talking to drake about which was that he was going to propose to nicki soon and were trying to figure out where and how then a few minutes later they fell asleep to and in honey and shanell’s room they were just talking about boys and gossiping about people then 2 hours later they fell asleep nicki woke up in the middle of her night to her phone ringing then she answered it getting out drakes bed

Nicki: Hello

Carol: Hey Onika

Nicki: Mom why are you calling me in the middle of the night

Carol: I dont know i was bored and i missed you

Nicki: Aww i miss you too mom

Then nicki walked back to drakes bed and sat up in his bed

Nicki: Ok mom i promise you ill visit you ok maybe tomorrow

Carol: Yess please onika

Nicki: Ill try mom ok i love you

Carol: Please try and i love you too bye

Nicki: Bye mom

Then nicki hung up and drake opened his eyes while he sat up next to her

Drake: Babe who was that

Nicki: That was my mom she missed me ill probably go visit her tomorrow

Drake: Oh yea well can i come

Nicki laughed

Nicki: Sure if you want to

Drake: Then that settles it im coming ok

Nicki: Ok but lets go to sleep so we wont be tired tomorrow ok

Drake: Ok good night babe

Nicki: Night

Then they fell asleep again and they have to wake up early in the morning so the next morning came and nicki woke up and then she woke drake up they showered brushed their teeth and went downstairs to eat breakfast nicki cooked after they were done they went upstairs and went to go pack their clothes for the trip this was going to be a long ride drake thought then after they finished packing they hugged their roommates and left in a taxi it took them to the airport and they walked in

Drake: Here give me your suitcase

Nicki: Ok thanks babe

Then she kissed him and he took the suitcases (his plus her 2 suitcases) and they got on the plane an hour or 2 into it she fell asleep on drakes shoulder and then he leaned his head on hers and he fell asleep when they woke up it was time to get off the plane so drake took nickis hand and the guy was already putting their suitcases in the trunk so they got in and an hour later they arrived at nickis moms house so the guy took the suitcases out the trunk and nicki and drake got out of the taxi payed the driver and drake rolled the suitcases on the porch

Nicki: Are you nervous

Drake: Yup

Nicki: Dont be she’ll love you just the way i do probably even more

Then drake and nicki laughed together

Drake: You made me laugh and thats why i love you

Nicki: I love you too babe now are you ready

Drake: I hope so

Nicki: Well i know so i have faith

Then nicki rung the doorbell they heard footsteps coming down

Carol: Coming !

Then carol opened the door………………………….

Sorry its a cliffhanger but i hope you liked it give me some news feed and if theirs any errors or mistakes sorry i was rushing so you guys can see it lol thanks bye :)

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