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YMCMB House Of NYC :) Ch. 6

Carol opened the door and saw nicki and gave her a big hug

Nicki: Hi mom

Carol: And you must be the famous drake that i love so much

Drake: Yes maâ??am and thanks

Carol: Well give me a hug

Then he gave her a hug

Carol: Alright so everythings ready so come in

Then nicki interlocked her hand with drakes and they looked at each other then they went in and drake closed the door behind him then drake put their suitcases in the guest room and walked back downstairs and he spotted nicki in the kitchen so he walked over to where she was in the kitchen

Drake: Hey babe

Nicki: Hey you ok

Drake: Yea im cool

Then out of the blue drakes phone started ringing and he excused himself and went outside it was wayne and sb

Drake: Wait it cant be any problems

Sb: I know man but

Drake: No can you just fix it because if this goes wrong then everything is ruined so just fix it

Wayne: Alright weâ??ll fix it ok

Drake: Aight bye

Then he hung up on them and nicki touched his shoulder

Nicki: Whats wrong babe

Drake: Nothing im good lets go

Nicki: Ok

They both went in the kitchen and he went over to carol

Drake: Hey can i talk to you for a few

Carol: Yea lets go

Then drake and carol walked into her room upstairs and she sat on the bed and he sat next to her

Drake: Ok well i wanted to tell you this

He took a breath

Drake: Ok so im sure you have probably seen me tense today but thats because im trying to propose to nicki but some things arent going good so im trying to get that settled and on to top it off tell people not to tell her do you know how hard that is and im just stressed

Carol: Oh sweetie dont tear yourself apart you know if you ever need help just call me ok and dont worry i wont tell her just try to stay as calm as you can and itâ??ll go good ok

Drake: Ok thanks carol and its lik you always know what to say

Carol: Well your welcome sweetie and call me mama carol or just mama ok

Drake: Ok i love you mama carol

Carol: And i love you too sweetie ok

Then drake kissed her cheek and left the room and carol thought oh what a sweet boy but i still want some grandchildren

Drake: Nicki!!!

Nicki: Yea

Drake: Where are you

Nicki: Im in the living room

Then drake made his way into the living room and sat down next to her

Nicki: So howâ??d it go

Drake: Howâ??d what go

Nicki: Your talk with my mom

Drake: Oh that, that was good

Nicki: Your up to something i just know it

Drake: Why do think im up to something

Nicki: I just know my boyfriend

Then drake kissed her until carol came down and they pulled apart

Carol: Ok lovebirds dinners ready

Nicki: Ok mom were coming

Then drake kissed nicki one more time before they went into the kitchen

Drake sat next to nicki, and carol sat across from them both they ate salad and salisbury steak with cranberry juice and they all were having a good time laughing and telling stories then when they were done eating drake and nicki both gave carol a hug and a kiss before they went upstairs to the guest room drake kissed nicki then got in the bed with her and wrapped his arms around her

Nicki: I love you drake

Drake: I love you too baby

Then they went to sleep and had good dreams the next morning drake woke up first which is so odd but he went to brush his teeth and then took a shower after he finished he put a tank on and some black shorts and went outside to play some basketball after an hour and stopped and then he went to go get a water and nicki was in the kitchen

Nicki: Drake

Drake: Yea babe

Then he closed the fridge and opened his water and took a sip

Nicki: What are you doing up so early

Drake: Just clearing my mind

Nicki: Why

Drake: I just did

Nicki: I still dont

Then carol came into the kitchen and they both looked at her

Carol: Whats going on

Nicki: I dont know why dont you ask drake

Then nicki walked out and went upstairs to the guest room and slammed the door

Carol: Ok what just happened here

Drake: Honestly she knows were up to something and its just ugh

Carol: Ok well just get her off the topic for now ok now go make up with her

Drake: Ok mama carol

Then he gave her a kiss on the cheek and went upstairs and the guest room was locked and drake knocked

Drake: Nicki babe open up ok

Nicki: Are you going to tell me

Drake: I guess

Then nicki unlocked the door and went to go back on the bed

Drake: Babe

No answer

Drake: Babe look at me

Then he grabbed her chin and kissed her

Drake: Im sorry babe its just that irs a surprise and i cant tel you yet but its soon ok i just want eerything to be perfect and im getting stressed because thing arenâ??t going good

Nicki: Oh well you could have just said that

Drake: Sorry i love you baby

Nicki: Its ok i forgive you and i love you too

Then drake kissed her again

Drake: Come here

Then he picked her up and she wrapped around his waist

Nicki: Drake put me down please

Drake: Ok but you have to let go

Nicki: uh uh

Drake: Babe in order to get down you have to

Nicki: Fine

Then she tried to let go then she ended up falling a little but drake caught her and she screamed and drake put her on the bed

Drake: Babe its ok i got you

Nicki smiled and thought about when she and drake would get engaged

Drake: Babe

She came out her thoughts and smiled

Drake: What were you thinking about

Nicki: Us and when are we going to get engaged

(Oh Shâ?? Iâ??m Screwed drake thought)

Drake: Oh i dont know but weâ??ll see

Nicki made a sad face

Drake: Hey babe its not like its not going to happen its just going to be a surprise whenever i do do it ok

Nicki: Ok it better be soon gimme a kiss

Drake: Ok

Then he gave her a kiss and they went downstairs had breakfast with carol and decided it was time to leave so they went upstairs and packed their stuff then drake brought down the suitcases and they started to say their goodbyes

Carol: Aww you guys are leaving me

Nicki: Yea mom but not for long weâ??ll come visit again ok

Carol: Ok

Then carol hugged and kissed nicki

Nicki: I Love you mom

Carol: I love you too nicki

Then came drakes turn

Carol: Im going to miss you too sweetie

Drake: So am i, i had alot of fun and i cant wait til your my mother in law

Carol: Me too alright well you better go before i start crying ok

Drake: Ok i love you mama

Carol: I love you too sweetie take care of my daughter

Drake: Always and forever remember that

Carol: I Will bye

Drake: Bye

Then he left and closed the door behind him and drake and nicki got in the car and the driver put their suitcases in the trunk and then the driver got back in and took them to the airport after they went through the airport and through security they got on the plane and nicki was tired so she layed her head on drakes shoulder and they slowly fell asleep a few hours later drake and nicki both woke up and they got off the plane and got their suitcases into the car and nicki layed on drakes chest

Drake: Still sleepy babe

Nicki: Yea but im going to sleep so wake me up when were there ok

Drake: Ok babe but you sure your comfortable

Nicki: Mhhm

Drake: Ok

Then he kissed her head and stayed woke for an hour until they finally got to their house then drake woke up nicki and paid the cab drake brought in all the suitcases and left them in the living room and nicki went upstairs and got in her bed and went back to sleep

Wayne: Whats up with her

Drake: Shes really tired from the flight and cab rides

Wayne: Oh, well ill see you in the morn ok

Drake: Aight peace

Then drake went into his room and closed the door and put the cover on nicki then drake got into the bed and wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss on her forehead

Drake: Love you babe

He smiled listening to her breath on his chest then he went to sleep a few minutes later the next morning drake woke up early and cooked breakfast for everyone

Sorry its so short and its a cliffhanger but i have school tomorrow and i gotta do my homework so maybe next weekend ill do another give me some feedback and if theres any errors sorry but i was trying to hurry and i hoped you liked it Dricki All Day Nigga :)
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*Dricki convo*

Nicki: Drake why do you look like that?

Drake: Look like wht?

Nicki: You kno what Drizzy.

Drake: Oh, right. My bad.

Nicki: See? Thats better.

Drake: Guess your right.

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