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YMCMB House Of NYC :) Ch. 10

YMCMB House Of NYC :)

Continued from last chapter

Nicki: Yea

Drake: I got something to tell you

Nicki: Ok what is it

Drake smiled then he took her hand in his


Drake: So we’ve been together for some time and i enjoy spending time with you, you know i never had a really stable girlfriend so for us to still be going strong i love it and i want us to continue so

Drake stood up and then got on his knee then he took nickis hand in his and held out the ring box then nicki started tearing up

Drake: I want to spend the rest of my life with you and i hope you do too so will you marry me

Nicki had tears coming from her eyes

Nicki: Yes babe i would love to marry you

Then drake smiled and put the ring on her finger and after he did that he picked her up

Drake: I love you

Nicki: I love you too

Then he put her down and all the roommates hopped out from behind the wall and yelled “Surprise”

Nicki: Guys what are you doing here

Honey: We came to surprise you

Wayne: We were planning this for a month ken over hear stressed just to get everything perfect

Sb: Trust me you do not want to see his bad side

Shanell: Anyway were so happy you guys are engaged now

Sb mumbled “Bout time”

Nicki: Well thanks everyone and i love you all for doing this

Drake: Yea and sorry if i was angry and stressing you out i just wanted it to be perfect and it was so thanks

Everyone said “Your Welcome”

Drake: Ready to go everyone

Everyone “Yea”

Then the 4 roommates began walking to the door and drake and nicki stayed

Drake: Babe i love you

Nicki: I love you too gimme a kiss

Then drake gave her a kiss and they pulled apart when shanell came in

Shanell: Love birds

She shook her head and drake and nicki walked hand and hand out the restaurant and into the car with the others when they got home drake and nicki went upstairs to their room and put their things down then they went walked out of their room and into the sr (Smush Room) and locked the door

After they finished they laid in the bed snuggling together

Nicki: You know your cute right

Drake: Yea but not as cute as you

Nicki: Good answer you know im kinda tired so im going to sleep ok

Drake: Ok goodnight babe

Nicki: Night

Drake kissed her and she was already sleep then he got up and took a shower after he finished he put on some black shorts and an black and gold ovo sweater

The next morning nicki woke up and she took a shower after she finished she brushed her teeth and put on some booty shorts and a black and gold ovo shirt (it matched drake’s) then she came out the bathroom and didnt see drake so she went into her room and he was on his bed on his phone so she got on his bed and laid on hi chest

Nicki: Hey babe

Drake: Hey whats up

Then she sat up

Nicki: Nothin but are we having a chill day

Drake: If you want

Nicki: Ok i say we do that and talk about some stuff ok

Drake: Ok

Then nicki kissed drake and pulled out her phone she texted her mom that she got engaged and her best friend tt they were so happy for her

Shanell came into the room

Shanell: Uh hey nicki….Drake are you guys going to the store with us

Nicki: Uh no were just going to have a chill day today but i will go with you guys tomorrow ok

Shanell: Ok

Nicki: Love you

Shanell: Love you too nicki

Drake: Love you shanell

Shanell: Love you too drake ill see you guys later muah

Then she left the room and nicki looked at drake then her phone started ringing ” hi….yea….let me talk to my fiance about it ok…..ok…wait only today…ok bye” then she hung up

Nicki: Babe

Drake: Yea

Nicki: Get up we gotta go to this wedding planner and she has a slot open just for us and i wanna see if shes the one ok

Drake: Ok lets go

Then drake got his phone off the table and put it in his pocket and so did nicki and they walked out their room hand and hand and went downstairs then when they went outside they got to the car and drake went to nickis side and opened the door for her then he went to his side and got in he drove to the building a mile away then they got out the car and walked in, it was colorful and very spaced out after they looked around nicki and drake went up to the counter and nicki shook her hand and smiled

Nicki: Hi im nicki and we have an appointment with jess

Assistant: Im allie and you can just have a seat shell be ready in a sec ok

Nicki: Ok thanks

Then nicki and drake went to sit in the waiting room and a few minutes later jess called them and they got up and walked into her room they shook her hand and then sat down

Drake: Hi im drake

Nicki: And im nicki

Jess: Im jessica but you can call me jess anyway lets get down to business

Then jess took out a note pad and pen and ready to write some ideas down

Nicki: Ok

Jess: So what were you thinking uh colors wise

Nicki: Uh i think thats the one thing we need to work on

Jess: Oh thats ok many people dont have a clue so your ok but did you have any ideas for the venue

Nicki: Um i want it to be big and spaced out because we have alot of family and friends but yea something covered because of the paparazzi

Jess: I think i have a place like that in mind

Nicki: Really

Jess: Yea im sure you’ll love it uh what colors are the suits going to be

Nicki: Uh black suits pink ties

Drake groaned

Nicki: Babe tough guys wear pink

Drake: Ok fine

Nicki smiled at drake

Jess: Uh for the bridesmaids dresses what color

Nicki: Uh they’re going to be strapless and pink

Jess: Thats good colors uh do you want to meet up tomorrow or monday

Nicki: Uh i actually have to be somewhere tomorrow so is monday ok

Jess: Yea thats fine we have alot to talk about and so do you so talk with drake and tell me monday ok

Nicki: Ok thanks

Jess: Your welcome nicki gimme a hug

Then nicki gave her a hug and so did drake

Jess: So tall or am i just too short

Drake: Your just too short

Everybody laughed

Drake: Kidding but thanks i guess well see you monday

Jess: Monday it is bye

Drake & Nicki: Bye jess

Then they left the building and got in the car drake drove home then when they gotin the house they went straight upstairs and got in their beds nicki thought she was hungry so she went downstairs and got some grapes then brought them upstairs and sat on her bed she was on her bed eating grapes and scrolling down her phone for messages when drake came on her bed and got on top of her and kissed her all over her face

Nicki: Drake stop it tickles

Drake: Your so cute

Nicki: I know

Then he started kissed her and when he pulled away and drake laid next to her

Nicki: Babe what did you think of jess

Drake: I thought she was really good and i cant wait to see what she comes up with

Nicki: Me too but

Drake: But one thing nicki is i just want you to do whatever you want planning it you dont have to include me with evrything because dont want to be most guys dont but anything you need help with or that i need to be there for ill do it ok

Nicki: Babe why dont you want to

Drake: I just dont i mean did you ever hear of the man involved with the wedding

Nicki: No but i would love it if you were

Drake: Babe listen how bout i think about it ok

Nicki: Ok but after i got to the store with shanell i gotta go out again to lammy’s house

Drake: Whose lammy

Nicki: Drake dont get jealous

Drake: Well he’s a guy that you hang with so

Nicki: Drake he’s gay

Drake: Oh then by all means go ahead

Nicki: No i not going by myself i want you yo meet him pleae

Drake: Ok maybe i love you

Nicki: I love you too

Then Drake kissed nicki and they went to sleep

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