Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 6:38 PM

The True Definition of Love is a Mystery

By: kayycee.

Love ! What is love ? Is love the same meaning as hate ? You tell me , because people abuse and misuse the word as if it was an object you play with && then throw away once your bored with it . Do you tell someone you love them to make them cry or to make them smile ? Do you say it to make someones day or just to get something out of it ? You tell me , because people just throw such a beautiful word around and beat it up like it means nothing . Love isn't just expressed by just saying it , its also expressed by its spelling . " ily , i luv u , i lah u , etc " isn't the real meaning , if your to lazy to type out the full word then that means you don't care for its meaning . If you cant take the time out to just simply write or text out I LOVE YOU ! then there's no point in saying it , because its clear your unsure about the word . So how about we stop using the word till we figure out its true meaning .
- Kayla Chenelle

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