Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 6:24 AM

8.5.11 one of the best days of my life <3

this day was one of the best days of my life, something i wont ever forget. it all started with me sitting in my living room the night before this day happened clueless af, and then my mother comes in a say " guess who were going to see tmm GMA ? " .... before i could even answer she said " Nicki Minaj " , my heart literally dropped and THEN i screamed , Lol. ofcourse i went bragging calling all of my friends because i been tryiing to see her for as long as i could remember and my wish was finally coming true. i was so happy because majority of the GMA events my mother attends she get to go behind stage and meet the celebrities because her &- her bestfriend work in the police department &` her bestfriends captain is partly in charger of keeping the event safe ] All i could remember was me saying " omg if im able to meet &- speak to her im telling her ( how much i love her &- asking her to sign my boob ] " lmfao . i left my house around 4`O clock in the morning and met up with my mother's bestfriend and her nieces .. some how we ended up splitting up but i ididnt even care because at this point i was ALL THE WAY IN THE FRONT, it felt like a dream. when i saw nic come out to do sound check for her songs "super bass", "moment for life" and feature " Where dem Girlz at " , i was nothing but amazed. As we stood there for hours and waited for her to get ready to slay her performance my mother and i end up talking to a women who happened to be nic's teacher ms.smith from her elementry school , she showed us pictures and old videos of nic when she used to teacher her - it was so coool. When nic finally came out she performed and gave me LIFE, i never experienced nothing like it ... she was FULL of energy, her vocals slayed, and the fact that i was directly in the front of her and she touched my hand while performing - she put me in another place .... when it all was over i was still in AWE because like , ijust TOUCHED and WATCHED my fav ONIKA TANYA MARAJ perform right in front of my face lol. i was hyperventilating because there was a possibilitie that i can go behind stage to meet my FAV .............. IT HAPPENED :-D we were waiting behind the stage with the captain and nicki was coming out greeting everyone, i wanted to cry but i couldnt, i was so overly excited. we asked for pictures and i said " can you sign my bood " and she said " yes i like boobs (-: " lmfaoo i couldnt believe it <3 &` before she left i told her how much i love her and she said " NO, i love you " in the most sweetest voice .

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