Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 2:52 AM

AMAZING the name of this post explains how everythings been since sunday! everythings been so much better and back to normal and happy! ok 1st thing, the VMAs. NICKI WON BEST HIP HOP VIDEO!! woohoo! *Throws pink confetti and does dance* Her acceptance speech was everything and more. The way she ran on stage and all that was just too cute. SB was there!!!! OMN! she said fuck the media and grabbed his hand and ran on stage with him! i almost cried seein them together again is just the best thing in the world! OH! and the fly video! like....theres seriously no words for how amazing it is! she wasnt lien when she said it was a movie. all the looks and that fighting scene! Ninja Nicki popped up on some pimple shit for a second. Shes finally back to tweeting :-D. Today she was on AGT and she slaayyyyyeeddd! of course. her little outfit with the yellow boots n all dat was so cute! Plus these pics that just got out today are gorgeous!! Nicki in red>>>>>>>. ok.....i think thats about it. but i just had to write this. ive had a permanent smile on my face since sunday :). Bye loves ;-) xoxoxo

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