Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 5:43 AM

It's Natural Though

Nicki is like a Joshua walking around Jericho walls. She's a conqueror. It's only natural ,that people hate on her for rapping and singing on the same cd.It's only natural for her to know they hate,yet give them more reasons to hate,by being successful at doing what they say she shouldn't. Its only natural for people to put her under a microscope, in hopes of finding any thing to nag her with.Its only natural that her royal nature, mutes the tongues of her, onika knockers.It's only natural for bad bitches,harder bitches,and baddest bitches, to be intimidated by her.She's the superbitch.Which is the highest rank of bitchery. Its only natural for Nicki to know she intimidates males and females,but not let up for their benefit, cause she knows the moment she lets up,they'll try pulling her down.Its only natural for people to try to discredit her,at every given opportunity.And its only natural for life to have her back. It's only natural for me to love someone like her,cause with my telescope looking 180┬░degrees away,I spot her,on the same 360┬░path,just on the other half.

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