Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 7:08 AM

Big Lovely

Didn't you see?Didn't you see Nicki serenade the Jay Leno show,with her minajnity.She's not fat;but she is a big lovely.Speaking as a man,not a fan,I want that big love she possesses, that makes her a big lovely.From her hair to her toes, love flows.The way she was dressed was lovely. Her conversation was lovely. Her jokes were lovely. Her expressions were lovely. How could you not smile at the sight of her? Is this life worthy of her lovely? You all should tell her for me,that I spy her big love.And I want to show her how her love tells me to love,her love.Nicki baby, will you be my big lovely? I long for the daywhen I see your on the tv or screen, and big like ,"yeah that's my big lovely right there ".Until that day comes,ill just keep dreaming of "Big Lovely ".:)

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