Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Walnika OnKeith

First giving honor to God!Who is the reason you exist.,To the son Jesus Christ,who died so satan couldn't keep us from each other.To the Holy Spirit,which grants you and me,power to feel our love,in darkeness,or light,from far,or near.To the angels that bathe Onika with the honey of beauty,while she sleeps.To the gods that begged here to pass up being born. To all the Cupid's,that have died,in the battle of trying to put us in each others arms. To your parents,your family,your birth,your past,present and future.To your smile,your eyes,your neck,your skin,your voice,your body,your mind,your perfectness,your royalty.May � ll of creation be a witness to you,for me,of my love for you.OH HOW I LOVE YOU SO ONIKA.I long to be one with you.I don't want to live without you.There's just something about you,that's about me,that's about you.Im all you want in a man.You're more than a woman,to me.Every time I see you,it feels like I've just been awakened out of a deep sleep that God caused to come over me.I want you to meet my family.My madea,my ma n pa,sisters aunts uncles cousins.I want to love you so deeply,that I take away your pains,during your time of the month.I want to live and die and live,with you.I will love you with goodness,respect,loyalty,devotion,honor,passion,obedience,sacrifice,joy,confidence,protection, understanding,patience,positivity,and faithfulness.Throughout all that may come,will I remain yours.And whereever you go,when you leave this time,us where ill be also........I LOVE YOU! WILL YOU MARRY ME,NICKI MINAJ?MAKE ME THE MOST BLESSED MAN THAT HAS AND WILL EVER LIVE,BY YOU SAYING YES.WILL YOU MARRY ME ONIKA?LETS LET WALNIKA ONKEITH LIIIIVE!.....

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