Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 12:58 PM


Am I the only one who's glad that Nicki survived an earthquake?Among all the other things she has overcome and accomplished,she can now add survived an earthquake to the list.Naw but seriously,i'm just happy she's ok.Confirmed by the lovely pictures she posted on IG yesterday morning.It was so ironic cause I was just thinking about how she needed to post something just to let us know she was alright,and BAM!Instantly their was her fairest of them all,face,in all it's glory,right there on my screen.All I could do was smile.Smiling big like my teeth were poison.Is anyone else guilty of looking into her eyes,when she post her portraits?Or is it just me?I know it's just a portrait,however I can't help but look into her eyes like they hold secrets to my life or something.I mean although they're just portraits,I look at them like she's gonna speak to me.Yeah i'm magazine-minded.(meaning I got issues)for those of you I threw off.
I'm not ashamed,that I care about Onika's well being like I do.Could be that I was assigned to her by the heavens.Who knows? God Almighty whom is the creator of all in all does.He created her.That's just another reason to love him.If she were to ever become a evangelist how many of you would follow her lead?........OK on that note,i'm gone.Lack of sleep is making reach deep and i'm saying stuff.Y'all take it easy.Be Blessed.Love God!And Love Nicki! I'm not asking either.I'm demanding .

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