Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 3:06 PM

"Just "

Just because,you're not mine,doesn't mean I can't check in to see how you are.Just because the feelings between us aren't mutual,doesn't mean,I can't keep the ways I feel about you alive.Just because I flirt or compliment some other broads,does not mean i've forgotten about you.Just because I like other broads photos,doesn't mean anyone is getting the love from me that belongs to you,and only you.Just because I get upset cause I can't get your attention,does not mean I should stop hoping and praying,one day you'll see me.Just because I'm not you type doesn't mean that you're not mine.Just because I don't mention your your precious name everyday,doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you.Just because I think about you all day and night,doesn't mean I have to have you be my life.Just because I want you doesn't mean I should neglect my health.Just because I love you,means i love you,doesn't mean you have to care.Just because you rob me of sleep and nourishment,doesn't mean I should have you arrested for perfection abuse.Just because you're perfect doesn't mean I should think less of myself,because my imperfections put a void between us.Just because their is a void between us,doesn't mean it's impossible for us to be.Just because their is a bottomless gulf between us means nothing.That's what leaps of faith are for.Just because you have a beautiful smile,centerpiecing your gorgeous,immaculate,face,doesn't mean i should yearn to see it first thing in the morning when I awake,or lastly before I go to sleep if I go.Just because the rest of the world,praises you for your body,doesn't mean I do to.Just because an ass is big,means nothing except that.Just because an ass is big doesn't make it more attractive.Just because you have a big ass,doesn't strengthen my want of you.Just because sometime people around me make remarks about your ass,doesn't mean I do.Just because I like the way your ass look,doesn't mean your ass makes you.Just because I say that your ass is perfect but doesn't make you,doesn't mean that if we were ever living together,or just together anywhere,as lovers,that I wouldn't cherish every time to touch it,with gratitude to God for the opportunity too.Just because I have magic fingers doesn't mean that I should crave your body to feed the appetite of my hands.Just because I have magic lips doesn't mean that I should use them to caress and kiss every part of you.Just because you're a queen,doesn't mean you have to be my queen.Just because I wait for the day I can love you first person pov,doesn't mean it's coming.BUT IT MIGHT...

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