Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 7:21 PM

lady grim

so scratch that
Tell me were is it at
U like a fiction baby
I’m just load with facts
Were like the mouse
And the cat
So just call me jerry the rat
I got my loaded gun
Aiming just at ur neck
So dnt breed
Got u down on ur knees
And I always carry syrup
For the big b’s
And I got a lot of wipes
For a bee’s sneeze
So dnt mess with me na
For your life seized
Trick, trick
If I’m the baddest bitch
Den wer does she fit
Between the two garbage
She lick on pop sticks
Cause she aint worth shit
I just treat her like a bad check
And omit
I got red eyes
Like the devil’s kid
But im in ur nightmares
Like Freddy bitch
if you take my life
I got more to spear
Before you get the next one
Ur outer here, yeah
Girl born with no care
Like Florida
Whistle here my dear

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