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I really don't know where to even begin with this blog.... I'm So Sick and Tired of this fakeness on twitter, I'm tired of you guys on a daily basis in my mentions talking about me and making tweets about me. You guys are being so childish with your tweets, and I'm Over It.... Apparently some of you have alot of time on your hands and have some serious deep rooted issues within yourselves which need to be taken care of by a health professional. You guys always tweet me and talk shit and attempt to bash me and bring me down well its not happening. Its So Annoying to log on twitter everyday to see 75 notifications on my phone of bull shit. IDK whats wrong with some of you but you need to get some serious help. I'm Not worrying about and not thinking about any of you irrelevant motherfuckers. I'm fucking over the drama the bullshit and the games. you all need to grow the fuck up and get a life. You Need to find something to do with your lives other than sit behind a computer and tweet about me and make tweets about me to make you look good. lemme make something very clear you are a NOBODY!!!!!! I gurantee 99% of you that act hard behind your computer screen are the ones who get bullied and beat up on a daily basis and the only way for you to seek some type of help or attention that your parents and your peers fail to give you is to act like this hard bitch over a computer when your most likely the pussiest and softest of them all. Stop fucking worrying about Robert and what Robert is tweeting. Most of you do not have any type of legit reason not to like me ! you all are dick riders and will do anything to attempt to get to the top and fit in on twitter, news flash bitches its a fucking social network get over yourselves. You dont have friends on twitter. You Have FOLLOWERS!! Grow the fuck up have a mind of your own and stop fucking dick riding other team minaj members to try and fit in... You have no legit reason not to like me...the excuses you guys come up with about me stealing tweets is old and no longer a valid reason. I Have not stolen tweets in a while... you have no valid arguments your opinion about me are not relevant and honestly i don't give a fuck ! I'm not here to be liked by any one of you! Your all fake in my book! There is a few that i can call my friends and that i know are actually here for me and I fucks With ! All you other people on twitter have no life! you all have the audacity to try and judge me before you even get to know me by what other people say about me. NONE Of you know me or anything about me!!! Only a select few do. Im sick of all you dick riding and seeking this attention from me im no longer gonna give it to you! I'm not thinking about any of you.... for all i care you can all die a slow and painful death and i wont loose a bit of sleep over it because i dont give two shits about you guys that are always talking shit about me... you dont have to like me just like i dont like any of you... but you seriously need to get a grip on life and do something with yourselves other then dick ride and worry about me.. Im not checking for any of you... and for me to Be So irrelevant im in al your tweets on a daily basis.... comes to show my relevancy.. i dont need friends on twitter.. im here for one reason and one reason only and that is to support Nicki other then that i dont give a fuck i dont think about any of you.. i dont associate with any of you other then a select few and i never ever will. Im over you guys... let it the fuck go and stop worrying bout me. Every last one of your opinions and judgements about me are invalid and i will not give any fucks and im no longer responding to your tweets... im giving you guys the attention you want and its not happening anymore.. im unfollowing everyone except the people i fuck with off twitter.! The reason for my twitter is to Promote and Support Nicki and I'm going to continue to do that. So Stop worrying about me and stop tweeting me and seek professional help from a doctor for you bitches that seem to have a deep rooted issue within yourself that you cant seem to fix... If you dont like me stop tweeting me and stop talking about me! ive blocked you all for a reason... yet you all continue to still worry about me which is so sad.... grow up get a fucking life and do you! I'm Over it! im gonna continue to do my promo and support Nic like ive been doing.. and another thing for all you people who get mad when Nicki retweets me it must be because you clearly are here for a retweet.... and you cant admit it... i know what it is you guys are jealous of me just admit it.. im doing something for you guys to be so jealous and hate me so much.. but its cool i have fans :) and i love you guys for making me so relevant in your lives and for me to be on your mind on a daily basis... I'm not gonna change what i do for any of you! So all of you can go fuck yourselves for all i care and continue to hate me on a daily basis im done giving any type of fucks :)

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    On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 1:16 AM, mhexxxa said:

    PRomote support Nicki. dont think about hate

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