Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 6:30 PM

Seeing Nicki In Person

Seeing Nicki in person was EVERYTHING. I won 2 tickets to see Nicki at the GMA concert series (thanks Flo) I really couldn't believe I won. All I ever wanted to do was to meet my idol, my everything. I was kinda worried because I had no idea how to get to central park, and I was really scared. So the day of the concert, I woke up at 4 AM, got dressed, and left at 5 AM. It was REALLY DARK outside and walking to the train station was probably one of the scariest things ever. When me and my sister got on the train, two guys that were going to the concert were kinda flirting with us.. boys... Anyway, when we finally got to central park, me and my sister were lost as fuck. We asked the hotdog guy if he knew how to get to the concert, he ignored us. We asked someone else and I think they were lost too. We decided to take a cab (the driver seemed lost too). The two guys from the train were still stalking us. When we got close to where the concert was taking place, we got off the cab and saw that some guy was wearing a Nicki Minaj shirt, so me and my sister decided to follow him. After a while, he got lost and decided to follow US (not a good idea) But we finally got there and there was a LONG ass line and I mean LONGGGGGGGGGG. My feet were killing me. When we finally got near the stage, we stood there for a while listening to some guy talk and saying hi to the camera. After a while, Nicki came out wearing a green and blond wig and a cute lil outfit, we went crazy when we saw her, I almost criedddddd. We got to see her rehearse, which was amazing!!! After about an hour, she came out again to perform. She was wearing a Massive Attack looking SEXY wig and an AMAZING outfit. She killed her performance, I was going fricking crazy!!! I was singing along, dancing, screaming and all that. When they cut to commercial breaks, they were doing Nicki's make up and she shouted "I love you" to us, I almost died again. We got to see her be interviewed, everything she said was music to my ears. She performed again, she brought out beach balls and some heart shaped things, I think they were balloons. Anyway, after the cameras stop rolling, she performed her second verse rom Roman's Revenge, the crowd went so damn crazy!!!! I've never seen such an angry crowd, they LOVE Roman's Revenge!! When she left, I was sad because it was all over, but I had the time of my life. I got to see my idol, I love Nicki Minaj. #TeamMinaj till the death of me. That's my story.

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    On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 12:06 AM, CORE_FAN said:

    SO happy 4 you...the being lost part was funny

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