Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 7:49 AM

What Is It ? Here It Is

Lmao NICKI Its Me You SB & TeamMinaj ,, Lols .. Nicki We Love You So Much That .. This Love Is Unconditional LOVE ... ANd Nobody Can Take That From Us ,... See What We Realized Is .. A Lot Of Has Been Takin From Us SO MANY Times That GOD Put You HERE FOr Us ...And We Realized That U Are VERY SPecial To Us [TeamMinaj] And We Feel Like We Not Lettin AnyThng Come Between Us .. Like For Example .. NICKI U R THAT SPECIAL TOY WE ALWAYS WANTED AND NOW WE GOT IT WE ARE CHERRISHING IIT TO THE FULLEST ;) So WE ARE NOT LETTING ANYONE SAY ANYTHNG TO YOU W/O US SAYIN SOMETHN TO THEM

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