Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 10:37 PM

This One Is About What I Thnk Of NICKI MINAJ

Okayy ; *PAUSE* im Onika Miraj’s # 1 BARB becauseee ; she has not only said that shee can accomplish her dreams , shes in the process of doinq so . & i believe as a younq lady that thats the best way to inspire someone . am i riqht ? becausee, yeahhhh we hear people all the time say “imma make it” but then we see them preqnant in the 9th qrade ; or dropped out or smokinq weed . I respect Nicki for doinq what she believed in . Once she told herself she was qonna do it ; SHE DAMN SURE DID IT ! & veryy well miqht i add . She inspires me daily with her music & juss beinq a qreat artist . Nowadays we always hear RAPPER [ PAUSE ] then we hear the followinq : JAYZ, LIL WAYNE , DRAKE , KANYE WEST . & NOWWWW US GIRLS HAVE SOMEONE TO REPRESENT US & SAYY YEAHH ; IM INCLUDED IN THAT LIST NOW . & the main reason i know im her number one barb is becausee ; when someone ; ANYONE says anythinq neqative about her i totally flip . As if they were talkinq about me . I believe Nicki lives inside me . Shes that person that im afraid to be . Shes that person who will put on a pink wiq & dareee someone to say somethinq about it Shes that CRAZYY woman who has followed her dreams & kindly let all of yuu know that shes not qoinq anywhere ., I DONT THINK AS GIRLS ; WE COULD HAVE CHOSEN ANYONE BETTER TO REPRESENT ! she showed us that juss because we’re qirls & DOES NOT ,. BY ANY MEANS , mean that we cant do what we set our minds too . WHY ? BECAUSE NICKI MINAJ IS LIVING PROOF . Shes successful & i know beinq that doesnt come easy , it obviously took work & A WHOLE LOT OF CRITICISM . because thats what comes with beinq successful . but she didnt let that stop her & thats what i think about everytimee someone says ” YOU CANT DO IT!” & i will kindly say “Yes, i can do it . Nicki Minaj did it.” She also shows me that ., i can be respected & loved & successful without beinq labled a “A WHORE” . NICKI MINAJ IS MY INSPIRATION & i dont even wanna be a rapper , but i believe that it takes couraqe & a whole lot of hard work to become successful in whatever yu wanna do . & Nicki did thattt !! i cant stress it enouqh how bad yuu inspire me . I LOVE YOU , THANK YOU FOR BEING THE WOMAN I DREAM TO BE ONE DAY . i know that yuu have been pushed down & stepped on by some of these people ., & i juss wanna let yu know the only way yuu showed it didnt phase yu ; was that yuu KEPT GOING . & THATS THE DEFINITION OF A TRUE BARBIE. **OH ; & i met this wonderful person on 4.16.2011

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    On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 4:07 AM, TeamMinaj_htown said:

    thanks ;)

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    On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 10:48 PM, PinkLizzie said:

    i love this blog so much barb, well done!! :D

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