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M4L "Meetin My Queen" 7-30-2011

Well my day came and i feel as tho i didnt take advantage of it. First of wen i get to the areana before the concert started..Nicki held her Meet & Greets. Me not knowin wen she was gonna do them i almost missed out. So i arrived there at 6:30 get my VIP pass and headed to guest services.then they had me waitin talkin bout i had to wait till someone came and got me. Mind u its damn there 7 and the opening act was already on stage so im thinkin to myself like i dont wanna miss nicki perform. So as im standin there im ask the security like wats up why am i still standin there..then he had the nerve to tell me it was over im like waaaaaaaaaaaat????????? Yooooo my man u better find a way for me to me her cuz i paid 360 for that point it wasnt even about the money it was about the satifaction of finally meetin her. So while bull was talkin his bullshit i kept seein ppl comin from the meet and greet so i ask this white like you u just came from the meet and greet?? "Yeah it was amazing to. Is it over yet.? "Nooo she still down there doin it. Lol then she showed me her boob Nicki signed her name on the right and wrote happy birthday on the left. Lol thanks..*goes to the security guard* u heard her she still down there like can i go down there like i paid money and im not tryna hear all wat u tryna say. "Ok miss let me ask the guards thats down there with her" *goes to ask guards* *signals me to come on* sooo as we are walkin im like THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH SIR. bull ignores me and say i think its over.. 'dickhead how bout u open the door and see..ugh he erked my pussy those two mintues we were togther' btw wen he said it was over i started cryin a lil and i started prayin. Anywhore we get to the door and he opens it as i walked in saw my queen my heart started racin like it was about to i yell look at my fuckin then another security bull tells me to get in the group wit these random ass people im like can i take it by myself.. My queen asked me soo sweetly are u by yourself im like yes "i begin to cry" she replied sweetly you can take urs by yourself :) so its my turn to take my pic. My Queen: hey sweetie wat am i signin for you today?? Me: my boob. My Queen: of course your boob..your really big boob. She smiled and i giggled a lil bit.. im mad that i got all emotional and bull crap lol then she ask me wat my name was and my twitter name btw still waitin for the follow WIFE LOL. Only drawl part was wen i asked her could i take a pic of her she said no but she will sign wat ever i wat..stupid ass me forgot i had my cd in my bag and i could got my VIP badge signed..and on top of that i wasnt even told to leave i left all early they took a nice group picture at the end of the meet and greets i was supposed to meet up wit TeamMinajCamden i did meet up wit her and shit but i shoulda been on a tip like im waitin for he which i wish i had of cuz it seems like they had a great time wit Nicki after i left..stupid me. Well she said nice meetin you and thanks for the support barb..i routed right after that..smh i regret that shit like crazy..i hugged her like four times. Lol she is so liddle in peson. And she very soft spoken and down to earth..ugh i love Nicki sooo much she gave me sooo much life and them few mintues i spent with her I Love You Idol and i will never forget 7-30-2011 :)

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    On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 4:59 PM, misssjayy said:

    this is sooo cuteeeeeee!! and inspiring!
    lmfao @ the security guard!!!!!!

    you shouldn't have regrets :) you are only human!
    i can only hope i get to meet her one day

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