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MOMENT 4 LIFE: PHILLY (3/26/2011)

Moment For Life Story...
When I first got the the arena for the concert, of course I had to get my ticket from Amy, after that we went merchandise shopping *note the same shirts sold on MPF are $15 MORE at the arena. (so $35 at the venue, verses the $20 on MPF) Anyway...after the merchandising shopping, Amy lead us into the VIP bar area where they had Young Money playing, in the bg. and all of the CF were dressed in Nicki Minaj shirts and their conversations were just clueless as to who Nicki, SB, and the rest of the fam really are. *i pulled Amy aside to some how let Nicki know that Team Minaj japan was gonna be here* She said that she would tell Martin. At 7:50 we came back to the VIP area for the M&G, they had us stand in a line, of course me being Team Minaj, I stood at the end of the line, I didn't wanna be around the CF. THEN IT HAPPENED: I heard a girl scream: "SBBBBB!!!!!" I literally got out of the line and made my way up to SB, and the rest. (the girl was T.M.) Then I saw THE QUEEN, she was standing there taking pics with the CF. She was dressed in: Jeans, a pink T-Shirt, and a white jacket and her greyish flat boots. I walked up to SB and introduced myself, and said that my name is JAPAN. And we gave each a hug, he sat down on a chair next to me, I hug Terrance began to talk with him, he ran his fingers through my hair and said it was nice. I crept over to SB, who was right there. *did the creep (smile)* and said "Hey SB, yea I don't need no Just for me, I'm not a nappy headed hoe.lool" SB smiled and laughed and then gonna say: "U know used Just for me!! lol ;).* Terrance stood up for me and said: "No she didn't". LOOL that was funny. And SB and I talked some more and took our picture. :) Then Amy gonna come over (blocking, lool) and said that me and the other TM members had to go and get in line if we were there for the M&G. (That m&g line moved so fast when the CF were there. maybe about 15-20 mins total of all the CF with Nicki). *Yea b/c I spoke with SB & Tarrence for about 20 mins. So I went and stood by the bar,and called SB over to get the gift, and he told me to bring it to him -___- LOL (By this time, its just me and 3 other Team Minaj members, the CF were gone). So i gave him the gift for Nicki and then i stood near the bar and thanked Big Dream for doing such as great job of keeping Nicki out of harm's way. (Nigga is tall by the way. Man o man!!) And he said " I appricate it" (Dream is not mean guys) LOL. I was next to be with Nicki. By this time, I wasn't neverous, me being around SB & Terrance, took all the nerves away.
So THE QUEEN is standing there, looking pretty. I walk over to her, and I say "Nicki do you know who I am?" "She says 'no' with a baby voice. I go"J-A-P-A.." Nicki goes: "JAPPPANNN!!! Hahahaha." And then we hug. I caught her taking a mental note of my "Team Minaj" Necklace by looking down and then looking back up at me :*D. I then ask: "Nicki did you get my DM that I was going to be here?" Nicki says: No.:(. BUT I DID GET MENTIONS SAYING THAT YOU WERE GOING TO BE HERE!!!! :D. (Giggles)." (she said it just like that, hence the caps lock) She then asked me: "Do you want me sign your boobs, or sign your VIP pass, so you can have it for ever and ever?!" She signed my VIP pass. So after that she commented on her grey marker, and I said to SB "Suave, why Nicki got a jacked up marker" playfully. We laughed. After she signed the pass, I said 'Nicki! Can I have a Nicki name?" Nicki: " Jabby" Me: Jappy?! O_o. Nicki: Haha!! JABBBBBBYYYY! ;D You know like the jabbawockeez!! haha (famous, NICKI GIGGLE) Me: Ok!!!! :D. haha. Then, as we got ready to take our picture. She said 'hi' to the other T.M. girl who was next in line. She turned her attention back to me and said "Are these girls with you?" and I politely said no, and then said "Nicki can I have a individual pic?" Nicki gave me that beatiful smile. And told the other girl "Can you hold up for a sec." So me and Nicki took our pic together. (And of course i didn't bother to see the pic after the guy had taken it. SMH, duhh Jabby). So after the Pic, me and Nicki turned back to each other and I thanked her for allowing me to keep the name: JAPAN. We both smiled and then hugged again. After that i walked back over to SB, who was standing not that far from the Vaks (they was squad deep, posted near the doors, lol) I spoked with SB again and thanked him for still standing by Nicki, and told him that its hard to find a best friend like that. (note my back was to Nicki) He said thanks, and at that moment, I happen to turn, around to see nicki to take her pic with the other girl.before the camera flashed, Nicki turned her attention back to me and said: I LOVE YOU!!!. I said: I LOVE YOU too. I got my VIP shirt from the Vaks, and walked out of there: THE HAPPIEST GIRL EVER!!!!

  1. Barbie Britney™ avatar

    On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 7:18 PM, Barbie Britney™ said:

    AMAZINGGGG! Ahhh, what a wonderful experience! I meet Nicki for the first time this July & I am BEYOND excited :) XoXoXoXoXo.

  2. HK_Barbiee avatar

    On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 5:29 AM, HK_Barbiee said:

    ;) iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedD this

  3. TeamMinajJapan avatar

    On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 1:41 AM, TeamMinajJapan said:

    aww thanks guys!!! lol @_MissBarbie_

  4. MsNaeema avatar

    On Sat, Apr 2, 2011 at 4:14 PM, MsNaeema said:

    Awwwwwwwww *tear* I almost cried.. this was amazing!!!

  5. _MissBarbie_ avatar

    On Sat, Apr 2, 2011 at 3:57 PM, _MissBarbie_ said:

    Jabby!! ;)

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