Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Meeting tha QUEEN

Spxnsoxnfuckszxjxbchdbitchaskzishitxhjzsuaxcunt!!!!!! It was definitely my MOMENT4LIFE..she is such a small gorgeous lil thing & she made me 4get everything I was gona tell her hahahaha..brain cells went dead..first thing she said
NM: ur Team Minaj?
ME: yes
NM: did I meet u alredi?
ME: no
NM: wats ur name?
ME: TeamMinajOC we follow each other on twitter
NM: is this is ur first time?
ME: yea
NM: *held her arms out* well give me a hug
(by tha way I thot I was huggin her too tight hahahaha)
NM: ima give u a nickname. wats ur real name?
ME: Jackee
NM: ima call u Jackee Chan
ME: sounds good to me!!! Hahahaha
(then she signed my VIP pass)
ME: I've been waitin for tha longest to meet u
(& i was gona touch her arm bt I was scared to touch her & I thot big dream was gona pop off kuz he alredi did w/ Jayrrr_ hahahahaha hilarious by tha ive been waitin for more than a year to see this women..ever since I seen that she was performin at clubs frm her mixtape days I said to myself I have to go wenever she's out here bt everytime she's out here I'm always stuck at work SMH..anyway back to tha meeting)
NM: aww jus kno that I love you
ME: I love you too!!!
(takes photo with tha QUEEN)
NM: thank u for tha support
ME: thank u *walks away cheesin like a muthafucka LOL*
& that was went by so quick tho..& I totally 4got to tell her bout tha gift & it didn't evn have my name or anythin SMH bt thank goodness for twitter..she said absolutely loved tha gifts as well as this whole experience meant soooooooo much to me..meetin tha QUEEN herself & meetin/seein sum of TMCA (Nelly Nell, Jayrrr, Chris, Bransunn, Zany, Sexymexcn, tha Twinz, & Elloy) I gotta go to this nxt meet & greet especially since this is gona be her last :( prices went up bt its worth every fuckin cent..anythin to see Nicki..I LOVE YOU ONIKA!!!!!!

  1. I am Willow Minaj avatar

    On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 1:57 AM, I am Willow Minaj said:

    wow LUCKY i would have fricken fell out if she touched me dang i can't wait to go to her concert. I would have been shaking all over and saying HERE SHE COMES OMG!!!!! IT'S NICKI MINAJ

  2. Christiebarbz avatar

    On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Christiebarbz said:

    i am so jealous its unreal! if you ever meet her again please get a pick signed to Christie and take a pic for me and put it on twitter! i would love that! follow me on twitter too! @ChristieNicole_
    all the best to you barbbbbb! xxx

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