Sat, May 7, 2011 at 7:50 AM

Super Bass Video

OOOOOH MYYYYY GAAAAAAHHHHH Nicki slayed my whole entire fuckin liiiiiiiiiiiiiffffeeeeee *nicki's TTWERemix voice* tha whole video gave life..frm tha colors to tha wigs to tha outfits/makeup to tha dancin..EVERYTHING..i loved wen she was dancin in tha pink wig tho..doin tha hip roll & booty poppin..i love to see Nicki jus makes me happy..& seein her move this much jus made me so proud of her kuz for those who fucked wit Nick pauz since tha beginnin she wud jus two step & rock back & forth like hey bt now she movin & all loose like WHOA!!! & s/o to was good seein her again..hahaha she was workin it..clappin it up like its nuin hmmm LOL & Nicki poppin her booty on tha motorcycle?? i kno she was cold & i wen she tweeted sum1 sayin that is was freezing & dripping wet idk y bt Nicki's verse frm Automatic popped up in my head hahahaha get it?? anywho overall video was fuckin fav by far..Nicki did not disappoint at all..ive never been so excited to see a video in my whole heart was beatin fast..i was anxious like legoooo

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