Mon, May 23, 2011 at 3:24 PM


I am so glad i went..i was a lil bit iffy bout it kuz i had to work bt i got a call from Nelly Nell & she kept tellin me to try & go or call in which i kudnt kuz i was leavin on vacation tha next i ended up switchin my shift & i had to lie..i said that i had to get alot of things done b4 i leave to NY LOL OOP..tha next morning i finally get tha email that i was waiting for which basically said see u at tha show..i was EXCITED kuz i got to see Nicki & my team b4 i left to NY..i had so much fun..& wen Nicki walked down that runway...LIFE..she definitely knew that Team Minaj was in tha we were shoutin out things to her while she was on tha panel & didnt even notice that SB & tha krew was right across from us laughin LOL..& we did yell PAM PAM & i wish i wudve seen SB's expression bt i spotted tha nigga after hahaha & im glad i finally got to meet tha end wen Nicki was leavin SB brought her over to TM bt i didnt get to tawk to her kuz all them CF's rushed her..i shudve elbowed a bitch in tha eye quick SMH bt she told me on twitter tha next day that WE GAVE HER LIFE & THANKED ME for being there & then called me HONEY PIE *faints* hahahahahaahaha I LOVE NICKI & s/o to TM that yall bitches too..i cant wait to do it again pauz

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