Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 6:26 AM


I LOVE IT..its dope..u can tell that she loves & appreciates her fans..its emotional as well & i know those who have been fuckin with Nicki pauz from her mixtape days, can relate to me on this..basically kuz we know how far shes came to get where shes at today which is tha top..from rappin sittin on tha stairs (07') to rappin sittin on tha throne (PRESENT) me tha whole video is saying NICKI MINAJ IS WINNING & i cant help but to makes me so proud seein all tha success she has gotten w/ her 1st album..breakin records left & covers..hits on Billboard..guest on shows/performing...interviews..& tha list goes on..i feel bad for them deaf dumb bitches kuz this is just tha beginning too..bwahahahahaha..well i take that back FUCK ALL THA DEAF DUMB BITCHES..TEAM MINAJ WILL NEVER TAKE THAT "L"

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