Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 9:03 AM

2nd Time Meeting Tha Queen

idk wat it is bt everytime i meet Nicki my brain cells go dead..i 4get everything i want to tell & ask her hahahaha bt i was tha last four in tha m&g w/ Tony & his two siblings..i dnt think she remembered me at first..maybe it was tha glasses or sumin idk
NM: wats ur name?
ME: Jackee, Jackee Chan
NM: *says to herself Jackee Chan* well give me a hug
ME: aeowignonfeurhdjnvoinaiewuwrnfojifaslkenfo (then outta nowhere) do u like my shirt? :)
NM: its really dope..who made it?
ME: umm sum guy hahaha & it glows in tha dark only in black light tho. it was glowin wen u did Super Bass
NM: really?
ME: yup!
NM: beleeee dat
ME: *tryna show it off while havin my messenger bag on*
NM: well u need to take off ur bag so we can take a pic of it
ME: *takes off bag quick*
MARTIN: *takes pic*
ME: dkfa;lkwemfoaienfaoienalsjdfnalseufhf;aoi (bt for sum reason i dnt think i came out good in that pic..oh well)
TONY: *explainin to Nicki im tha homegurl & im Team Minaj etc)
NM: i know shes Team Minaj
ME: aweoinfvaoweijfaiopefjaroaoeifmnoifjaoiejfa;oeifjaoeuhnfdaoifjaoiefja;oeifhaoweijfao;eifao;iefehjugahwefpokr0gfoeriuhj
NM: wats ur twitter name?
ME: TeamMinajOC
NM: *nods head pauz* yea
MARTIN: *takes pic of Tony & fam then after me & Nicki*
NM: so wat am i signing?
ME: can u sign my Pink Friday vinyls?
NM: of course, where's it at?
ME: in my bag *reaches in bag*
NM: wats ur real name?
ME: Jacquelyne
NM: how do u spell that?
ME: *spells name out for Nicki*
NM: *signs To: Jacqueline =) Jackie Chan = (then asks Martin wat time does Britney start which was 3mins ago & Nicki said oops) *adds smile to tha other smiley face*
ME: awoeifmnoriugnofirjjiofnodiruhjtp0go9kj0p9fkjsoeijfer
NM: *holds out arms* well thank u & i love u
ME: *goes in for hug* i love u too & thank u for everything
MARTIN: make sure tha marker is dry b4 u put it in ur bag
ME: alright. thank u Nicki
NM: aww thank u
ME: see u next time :) aeofimawoeifjaorijga;orijaw;oeifjawo;eifhaw;oeijfaw;oeiaaoifnaoweifjaoeifjaoweifjaoiefjaowiefhaoefhawoefiuhaweoifhjao
bt meeting Nicki again is a blessing..its worth every cent & i appreciate all that she does for us & hopefully this wont be her last m&g *crosses fingers* & like my shirt says I LOVE ONIKA ;)

  1. I am Willow Minaj avatar

    On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 10:37 PM, I am Willow Minaj said:

    You met her 2 times i'm so jealous tell me next time so I can come with you i want to meet you and my Queen B I already have the paper for your autograph and her's LOL :)

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