Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 8:14 AM

America's Got Talent

1st i wana thank my sis Tony for giving me one of his extra tickets..otherwise my ass wudve never thank u Tony..i got to tha CBS studios at like 10:45am & met up w/ sum of TM that was alredi i shudve came more prepared kuz i barely ate anything & it was hot..we didn't get inside tha building till 6:30pm so my ass was literally starving -__- & s/o to that Persian lady who was askin 21 questions & in spanish according to Nelly LOL tellin Z to translate LMAO...ooh how i love being around my team & getting to kno them..yes I'm quiet & like to laugh at ppl bt hey that's jus me..I'm breakin out my shell litto by dnt call me out *side eyes Jazz* hahaha..we were standin outside since tha AM hoping to see Nicki..only thing was that there were 3 entrances :/ so we were looking in every black SUV that entered bt we didn't see her :( we did see Flo Rida in his dope car tho..besides me starving i was jus anxious to see Nicki jus like everyone we're finally in tha building & before tha show they were playin music mostly Nicki too so u kno we were rapping/singin & not one of tha workers coming to us saying she knows we're excited to see Nicki bt if we dnt say tha "nasty words" kuz there were kids there hahaha..then they were pickin ppl frm tha audience to go up on tha stage & dance..s/o to Eddie & Nelly for goin up there & givin TM a s/o..i wonder if Nicki heard after that tha ppl r telling us wats gona happen & how tha show works blah blah tha show is live..Nick Cannon came out, played highlights of contestants frm tha week b4, then sumone got tha boot & finally we get to tha performance!!!!! OMG wen she came out, EXCITEMENT took over..i started screaming, rapping, singing, fist pumpin tha way I think I was yellin all up in Eddie's ear LOL bt I felt like I was at a concert again..i loved tha performance,outfit & wig..Nicki definitely knew that TM was in tha building..she evn blew a kiss towards us *catches it* :) & u can hear us in tha episode yell "Team Minaj" while David is talkin hahaha..after tha performance we tried to rush out tha place to try to catch Nicki bt tha damn ppl wudnt evn let us out..felt like a damn we had to sit thru tha rest of tha show & watch Susan Boyle -__- frm there we all kinda knew she left we jus didn't wana believe it..we had gifts for her too *sighs* it was a litto upsetting bt it is wat it is..we kudnt do its definitely NOT tha last time we will see her..overall it was still a good day..jus to be w/ my team in tha same buildin as Nicki, supporting Nicki & seeing her perform live, BLESSED ;)

s/o to Tony & fam, Nelly Nell, Z, Jazz, Eddie, John, & Andrew #TMLA LEGOOO ;)

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