Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 6:26 AM

JW Marriott

ohhhhh myyyyyy this day (10/11/11) was EPIC.COM...I was happy to see my team :) last time was in August @ AGT & we all kinda left a lil sad since we didn't see Nicki after she performed...this time we all felt good like we knew it was gona be a great fuckin we had to come up w/ a plan to try to get in tha ballroom where they're announcing tha 2011 AMA nominees...we were trying not to be obvious of y we were there bt ppl had tees & bags I dnt kno how many times Jazz told Andrew & John to cover up LOL we finally decide to jus walk in tha hotel & go thru tha hallway that leads to tha ballroom...& not us tryna make it look like we're not all together...yet we all walk to tha same restroom -__- I seen tha workers looking at us too hahaha...& then we met up w/ Tony & his 2nd part of tha plan was to RUN!!!!!! hahaha jp naw it was to jus go thru that hallway that leads to tha ballroom & if we get kicked out we get kicked out..fuck we r right where tha room is bt of course we cnt go in kuz it was only tha press & they gotta check u we stayed posted not too far frm tha room hoping to see Nicki or sumone...time goes by & I think it was Z who spotted Martin outside w/ we all rushed outside hahaha...basically he said Nicki is on her way & tellin us wat not to do wen she run up on her kuz she'll prolly get couple minutes go by then we finally see 2 SUVs & a Bentley pull up & Nicki is driving tha Benz w/ SB!!!!!!! wen she walked out we we're all saying hi frm afar bt not too far...she said hi Barbz I'll see u after okay...& that's all we needed to hear...we were all hype & kudnt as we wait for her we're jus takin pix actin a fool...evn took a pix by tha Benz & not Nelly saying me & Jazz were doin too much kuz that's too personal..then she says send me that too LOL...few minutes later tha security tells us that we cnt stand by tha door kuz of blah blah we had to move across tha street & wait...then SB walks out w/ his Zook tee & comes across tha street pauz & says hi to all of us &  let's us kno that they'll be out in wen they finally came out Nicki walked across tha street saying it's a 1000 degrees & I have this jacket on...& saying how she missed us (ajdkfjfoendnckskwndjvkakqldknfkf) then she greeted us one by one...wen she got to me I gave her my gift which was a white & pink ribbon lei
ME: Nicki this is for wen u go to Waikiki (I was gona stretch tha Waikikiiiiiiiii bt she wudve thot I was crazy)
NICKI: *laughs* ur tha one who got me those other gifts
ME: yea tha Samoan bracelet & necklace??
ME: xnwlghsgvornjanfkvkssjcofneoc,pskwnfjvjwnskvkdowoqhf
NICKI: do I follow u on twitter??
ME: Yeah
NICKI: so wat do u want me to sign??
ME: umm my hand (bt she was bout to sign my bracelet & then she asked me)
NICKI: sign ur bracelet or ur hand??
ME: my hand
NICKI: oh sorry
I was gona tell her for wat?? bt I see a small black dot on my bracelet..that's prolly y hahaha bt while tha team was getting there m&g in w/ Nicki, tha CFs were begging for an autograph to pay their rent, child support, or watever bt Nicki shut them tha fuck down & went back to tha team...& wen Andrew & John were about to take a pic i heard nicki ask them who has tha camera & John said Jackie Chan does...i turned around & Nicki is smiling at me :D (snwocjdksnwifkfdjdcfmd) bt i didn't get an individual pic w/ Nicki..I was gona ask her bt I didn't wana jus be rude & it's koo as long as I'm in tha group one :D I'll get mines nxt for Nicki to remember me for my past gifts jus made my fuckin really did...& i wanted my gifts to stand out frm tha others mission accomplished :D...this day was definitely a day to remember...i love my teammates & i really feel like I gotten closer to them...I really cnt wait for tha nxt event TMLA legoooo


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