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@NICKIMINAJ: Haha yes boo BOO! #luvMYdiehardz > RT @JCHAN718: @NICKIMINAJ do u recall this line "they call it spaghetti bt I call it ling-uh-weenie" I tweeted this to Nicki kuz she was talkin bout spaghetti w/ Terrance so it wasnt too much of a random question *side eyes Z* hahaha bt like forreals wen I 1st seen her reply I thot it was Nashawna kuz she has tha same twitcon as Nick & then I checked tha @ name if there was any extra I's or l's..once I realized its was actually Nicki I was like wait. wait tha fuck up. & I started spazzin hahaha my heart was really racing & my hands started to shake a litto this tweet really means a lot to me basically kuz of tha "#luvMYdiehardz" :') kuz Nick knows she has a lot of die hardz bt for her to tweet it to u >>>>>>>. It feels like I got a stamp of approval or sumin..i was mad fuckin hype she called me boo boo okay Nicki!!!! i see u hahaha she really made my year..& I've been having Dopeman on repeat ever since tha tweet there's sumin bout that song kuz every since tha AMAs that song has been stuck in TMLAs head pauz..Jazz was singing it all day..& then at tha Grammy concert thing Jazz & Z were both on it anywho s/o to Jabari for gettin an interview..I really think if it wasn't for me tweetin that line there wud be no interview..jus not gona sweat tha nigga..I like his interviews w/ Nicki :D

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    On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 9:04 PM, AustraliaLovesNicki said:

    We need to vote for her she is currently losing but it changes a lot xtina and maroon 5 are strong competitors we need to put her in the lead!!... you can vote a lot of times just spread the word and tweet etc got to make sure she wins this.

    The more awards she wins the more music we receive :D


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