Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 8:08 PM


sooooooo my cousins cousin (Ellen) said her friend at skool is a big Nicki fan & how every morning she wud see her on her phone tryna win tix to Big Boy's Backstage Breakfast (which was last thursday) & always gettin disappointed kuz she didnt win..i guess she said shes Team Minaj & shes like tha biggest Nicki fan out here or sumin like that..

Ellen: do u have a twitter?
Girl: No
Ellen: do u know Jackee Chan?
Girl: No
Ellen: oooh then ur not Team Minaj

LMAO & i guess tha girl got offended after that comment *shrugs* i wudnt be surprised if she tried lookin for me on twitter or on here bwahahahaha iono y Ellen said that anyways kuz ima nobody :( hahaha

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