Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 10:54 PM


soooooooooo tha question is whether Nicki will come back on twitter or not..i REALLY do miss her..its not tha same w/o her..& twitter was our way to communicate w/ her..i wont say tha ONLY way kuz thats y u go to her events in a way im kind of glad she did delete her account..kuz she sees her musik being leaked, dumb ass blogs/haters & unnecessary drama w/in tha team & thats just adding more BULLSHIT & STRESS on her plate..she doesnt need that..she already has soooooo much to deal w/..& if deleting twitter is best for HER, then im all about it all for it..& i feel like most people DONT see that..they're just thinking about themselves of course..i mean if she comes back to twitter ill be happy of course bt if not, its not tha end of tha world..i just hope shes doing good.

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