Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 9:31 AM


I seen Nicki 3 times last week. Twice in Vegas for the live tapings for Idol. She stopped & talked to us after both shows. She was cute when she seen us the first day "I didn't know my babies were here!" then she ends up callin us out tha next day when get her to sign things. "Why do u guys want me to sign things when ya'll see me everyday" LIES TBH LOL.

Then 2 days later I seen her at the MAC store in LA. It was literally last minute. I had to call in ASAP. It was small & kind of exclusive too. I would say no more than 20 people. It was cute how when we were about to take a pic she said "okay, ready Jackee Chan?" which I keep on forgetting she knows my name/nickname. Bt I die inside everytime she says it. Its just the way she says it actually hahahaha. When leaving I told Nic that ill probably see her in Vegas for the last tapings of Idol in Vegas & she basically said that we should just wait till the LA shows. Which I think I am. Then I told her about having tickets for the Idol Finale already & she was happy! She was like really!? I said "mhmmm u didn't know about that did ya?" hahaha. I love getting to spend whatever time we can with Nicki. It's like seeing a good friend that i haven't seen in forever. I love Nic.

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