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I'm glad that Twitter was invented because I found others that I can actually relate to. Others who support & go hard for Nicki no matter what. Others who know Nicki's music before YM. Others that go through the same emotions as I do with whatever Nicki is on. Others who don't give a fuck about these strawberry shortcakes aka bum bitches aka bum pies & that's #TEAMMINAJ. I am proud to be apart of this movement & this is just the beginning. We ain't goin nofuckinwhere. There is not enough words to explain how I feel about this team. Just know that I love you all & ya'll like an extended family to me. Even if i'm not following you on twitter as long as you support the QUEEN in anyway, shape, or form you got love from me :) I LOVE #TEAMMINAJ. If I was to be on another team I would be a damn fool but I ain't HA!! #TEAMMINAJ till the death of me. All these teams is our sons.

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    On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 6:06 AM, I am Willow Minaj said:

    #teamminaj is the best thing that happened to twitter.Lots of people love nicki minaj and they support her at what she does best being herself i love her and i hope to meet her one day love your blogs

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