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Pink Friday Diaries (via Nik's FB pg)

Pink Friday Diaries kicks off today. A daily song by song countdown: "I'm the best" is the intro to my album. It chronicles my journey from underground rapper to border-line mainstream artist. It speaks about the doubters in my life and it speaks about overcoming every challenge I was ever faced with. It's a toast to the girls who've gone hard. Who've been told they'd never make it. It's also the only song where I speak about my family and childhood. Though hard to speak about at times, it's necessary for my healing process. #itsPinkFridayHoe ;) Preorder now on iTunes.
Pink Friday Diaries: "Did it on'em": This track follows Roman's Revenge on the album and is a ball of cocky arrogant diva bitchy insanity! Sometimes u just wanna "SHIT on'em" lol. This arrogance comes only when u mix the cute ghetto girl with the queen of England. Lol. Preorder Pink Friday on iTunes.
Pink Friday Diaries: FLY is one of my absolute faves. I wanted to work with Rihanna for a long time. I'm very proud of her accomplishments ; especially since she was born on an island like me :). This song is a female empowerment song. But then again, its not specific to just women. It speaks about flying, soaring high in the face of every single solitary adversity that comes your way. I speak about how the media has attempted to box me in and how that has made me feel suffocated. After years of being dragged thru the mud, I've mustered up the courage to re-define myself. I believe that I represent an entire generation. My fans have become my family ; and together we have become a movement. Get ready for it. We came to win. Pink Friday - iTunes Preorder Available Now.
Pink Friday Diaries: Save Me : This song feels like a soundtrack to a movie. It paints a vivid picture of a girl who has it all but still feels very much alone. She's turned into a monster and pushed the one person who truly loved her away. She drives hundreds of miles, falls to her face sobbing, and begs him to save her. Preorder Pink Friday on iTunes now.
Pink Friday Diaries: Moment 4 Life : is about 2 kids that grew up on the same block. They shared their dreams of making it as rappers. They laughed together, they cried together. One day they realize that their dreams have come to fruition. Though they know all things come to an end, they celebrate. They wish that they could have this moment 4 LIFE. Preorder Pink Friday on iTunes.
Pink Friday Diaries: Blazin: On Blazin I worked with Music and Fashion Icon Kanye West. His verse is absolutely amazing. The song makes u feel like ur flying to another realm. It takes over your mind for 5 minutes and forces u to get lost in a melodic, whimsical world. It feels like I'm blazin. Preorder Pink Friday on iTunes.
Pink Friday Diaries: Here I am is the 2nd song I recorded for the album. It was originally going to be called "Letter to the Media". I felt there were things I needed to get off my chest. I changed it because after listening over and over, it sounded as tho it could apply to an intimate relationship as well. It's funny, this song is probably the last song people would expect to here from me but it has to be in my top 3 faves on the album. I'd listen to this song for hours on the plane or at home and pray for the day when I'd truly feel accepted. For me. Not for who everyone thinks I am. Not for who people want me to be. But for me. Here I am. Hate it or love it. Here I am. I've given all I had to give. I fought. I failed. I won. I cried. I laughed. I screamed. I'm ready. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But Here I Am. Preorder Pink Friday on iTunes now.

Nicki MInaj

  1. Harajuku Roman avatar

    On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 1:17 AM, Harajuku Roman said:

    Love you Nicki!

  2. jalyn spurlin avatar

    On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 12:50 AM, jalyn spurlin said:

    inspired me
    thanks NICKI


    On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 7:16 AM, PHILLY'S_ANGEL_MINAJ said:

    M4L had me in tears reminising but it a beautiful song. From the. First time we all saw you cyper it was then I knew you. Where going to standout from the rest. But damn nicki "shitted on em" that's real I love her versitality style hair (getting mine done for ur philly concert) everything. Is flawless.

  4. TeamMinajTrini avatar

    On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 3:16 AM, TeamMinajTrini said:

    many barbz can ;)

  5. MsSmartBarbie avatar

    On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 9:28 PM, MsSmartBarbie said:

    I love how she explains Here I Am because that is the song I can most relate too on the album

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