Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 8:12 PM

Dear Bugs,

Dear Ladybugs, its YOUR life. no1 should be running it but YOU! Make your own POSITIVE decisions.:)
Never let anyone influence you in negative ways. If you don't feel right about somehting then don't engage. Sometimes we feel that in order to fit in or be part of something we have to conform to what those around are doing. But i say NO don't do it, don't conform. Voice your OWN opinion, it's ok. the people that will down you for you having your own thoughts ARE NOT the ones you want to be associated with, get rid of 'em ASAP. The ppl that will respect what you have to say and won't make you feel like your wrong, those are your true friends. embrace them and love them. Like I always say the ppl that are meant to be in your life will remain thru all the tough and good times. Never be scared bugs, be STRONG, INDEPENDENT & BEAUTIFUL. i see it in allllll of you! muaaaaaa!

Salina aka Wisc xoxox

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