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Shoutouts April 16

I Want To Give Shoutouts To:

@iSlayYourFav - Thanks For Being There Through Times Of Need. Thanks For Being Another Voice in My Life That i Need To Hear. I Appreciate You Soo Much and Youu Mean Tha World , Scratch World, You Mean The Globe To Me. :)

@ItsMe_NotYu - Thanks For Filling That Empty Voice in My Life! Someone Whos Always There. I Love Youu. Muuah! ?

@NickiConquers - Thanks For Reminding Me That Its Okay To Be Tha Young Person i Am and To Slow Down On My Growing Up. Youve Made Me Realize No Matter How Far Away, Or How Close, Theres A Liddo Bug Just Like Me And That I Should Take it As a Compliment To Be Called Young. I Love Youu and Tha Crazy Person Youu Aree Soo Much!

@iFetchBarb_ - Thanks For Also Being There in My Life & Yourr Personality is Just GREAT and Thanks For Being Someone i Can Relate To... Someone I Adore... Someone i Love. ?

@NickiMinajHelp - Thanks For Being My Big Brother ; That Goofy Personality That Can Be Serious But Remain A Spunky Attirtude. Thankss For Being There During Rough Times and ive Never Felt As Close To Someone As i Do To You. You Mean Tha World To Me and i Really Wanted To Tell You i Love Youu and Appreciate Youu. Through My Flesh.

@BaRbiiEbiiTchX - Thaanks For Being My Big Sister \ Gardian Angel... Someone Who Looks Over Me When Youu Feel i Should Be Protected. Youu Also Mean Soo Much To Me and i Would Never in My Soul/Heart/And Mind ForGet Youu.

@Bizness_Barbie - Thaanks For Being My Big Sister and Another Big Inspiration in My Life. I Feel Soo Close To You As If i Can Tell You Anything and Youu Are Just Amazing At What Youu Do and Tha Positive Person You Are. Youu Help Switch Up My Mood in an Instant Second. I Swear We Aree Sisters and Happened To Be Seperated! Lmaoo! Love you girl!

@NickisCareBear - Words Cannot EXPRESS. They Really Cannot. Youu And Me Aree Very Much Alike... Our Day Will Come Where We Can Defeat All Evils. Im Happy Ur Apart Of My Life and That Youu Care. Thanks For Being Here sis and i Will ALWAYS Be There For You! ALWAYS! Because You Taught Me To Keep My Head Up, You Taught Me To Remain Positive in anyThing... "I dont Care What Time it is, if You Need me You Have My Number... Use it" That There Made You Another Inspiration in My Life and Someone i Can Never Forget! NEVER! I Love You.. ?

And Many More.... Basically Youu Never Know Who Youll Meet, But im Glad i Met Youu Guys and im Glad Your Each Apart Of My Life and All Of You Mean Tha World To Me. I Have Never Had My Personality Changed and Moved As Much As You Guys Moved Me. Each and Every One Of You Own a Piece To My Heart. All Equal Pieces and May God Bless Youu and Your Family and One Day Throughout My Life, No Matter Who i Am Or Who You Are Or Who We Have Become, I Will Meet Each And Everyone Of You Some Day and That Will Also Be a Moment For Life. ?. #TeamMinaj UP IN THIS BITCHHHHH!!!!!! CHHHH-!!! ROGER DAT!

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    On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 5:11 AM, TeamNickiBoston said:


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    On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 4:57 AM, nickiscarebear said:

    I love you too sis and u know I'm always here for you

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    On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 4:46 AM, TeamNickiBoston said:

    No problem. Everything i say/ write down is the TRUTH

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    On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 4:06 AM, J0rdan0re0 said:

    Thanks, you're so sweet :)

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