Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 10:33 PM

How Nicki Minaj Impacted Rap....

Heroines are not born but rather created out of necessity, in a sense, The heroines knowledge of respect for humanity drives her actions. Nicki Minaj is One Such Heroine.
I Feel She's Changed Female Rap, No She didn't Change Female Rap, She CREATED it. She's Made Rap Fun Again To The Point Young Kids All Over The Globe Want to Be Just Like Her Ranging From ages 3 and Up. I Feel That's Amazing! The Pink Hair, The Rainbow EyeShadow, Her Looks,She's Diffirent From Everyone Else and She Doesn't Mind. What People Have to Say About Her Doesn't Matter Because At The End Of The Day She's Putting Food On The Table. For herself and Her Loved Ones.
Her Album Had So Many Hits, and Built a BIGGER Fan Base That Others Have Nothing To Do But To Respect Her. She Also Interacts With Her Fans Over Twitter and Not Many Artists Do that. She Makes Sure "#TeamMinaj" Stays In School and does The Right Things. She Really Does Care and To Me That's How She Impacted Rap.

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