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Nicki in Amsterdam 18-06-12

OMFG. Guys, last night have been the best night of my whole life. Seriously. This whole journey started on Sunday, when Nicki and everybody else arrived in Amsterdam. We were determined to see her, so we were searching every hotel. There even was one hotel where we just walked in, and we just sneaked around the rooms whispering ‘Nickiii?!’ lmfaooo! Then DJ Headache (later at the concert he saluted us cos he recognized us as TM) posted a picture on Instagram w/ his location on. It was the SkyLounge in The ‘—-’ hotel. So we went up there and talked to Headache. He said Nic wasn’t there, but we didn’t want to believe him, so we went downstairs and decided to wait in the Lobby. We also met some cute dancers there! One of them complimented my necklace (which I eventually threw at Nicki at the concert, lol). We searched a lot of other hotels but Nic really wasn’t staying there. We even made fake phonecalls to every hotel in Amsterdam, saying that we were from Live Nation and we were Nicki her tourmanager and we had to talk to her :(((( But they all were like: ‘I’m sorry, but we don’t have a guest under that name staying here.’ lmfao, we tried ‘minaj’ ‘maraj’ and even ‘samuels’ and ‘bonelli’. likeeee :(( We decided to go home and sleep around 3 am, we were all dissapointed in ourselfs because we couldn’t find her. The day of the concert we woke up and Laura immediatly told me about the picture Joyce posted on Instagram at 4:30 am, and the location was the ‘—-’ Hotel. So we got dressed and walked to the hotel. (The day before we walked for 14 hours straight) I couldn’t even walk properly lmfao. When we arrived there, we just sat in the Lobby, but no Nicki. After another 2-3 hours of waiting inside and outside at the parking lot, we just went to the venue for the concert. We waited there for, I don’t know, 4 hours I guess, before the doors opened. and it was a mudafucking HOE RIOT. lmfao. It was my first concert but I was pushing those CF’s aside as if I do it every day lmfao, I never ran so fucking hard. Arama and I ran to the best spot, which was not even 3 meters away from the stage, so basically we were front row. Then Polska came as a opening act but we were only screaming for Nicki! :p She was quite late tho, we waited in that hot ass venue for one hour, just standing there doing nothing and I really had the feeling that I couldn’t breath. Then finally Nic came on, She was opening w/ Romans Revenge and she was standing w/ her back towards us, I tried to breath but I couldn’t, then she turned around, and I saw her and I almost fainted. Thank God that Mariano was standing behind me so he could catch me. I had to sit on the ground w/ my head between my legs and some girl gave me something to drink, after that I was feeling better but that shit was mad scary lmfao. After that, it just went crazy. Nic looked my way and I blew her a kiss, and she quickly blew me one back and I was about to almost faint again. She perfomed COAC, and I was screaming so hard, and I kept jumping up and down, and acting ratchet, lmao. and HOV Lane, omg, when we ALL were like, FUCK YOU SAID BITCH?! FUCK YOU PORNSTAR!!!! Nic just looked so amazed. It gave me chills, the energy, how Nic looked at us, it just gave me so much life. And IAYL! Now YOU tell ME, who the FUCK is WINNING?! and YOU NOT A BELIEVER? SUCK A BIG DICK! like, when a whole fucking venue is screaming that.. and Nic looks like she just saw a miracle happening.. I just saw her being soooo excited. It gave me tears of joy, forreal. and I threw my bracelet on stage and Safaree picked it up and played with it. I was going nuts yoo!!! lmfao! I was screaming to Arama; YO THAT’S MY FUCKING BRACELET!!!!!! It was meant for Nic but he threw it back in the crowd, lmao :(. She also did Save me and Marilyn Monroe. That had me cry, her vocals guys, omg. And her facial expressions, I couldn’t take it. I was crying and sweating like crazy! When she rapped monster she kept saying A hunnit K for a verse, TWO albums out! It was fucking insaneeee how everyone rapped along. She did Up All Night, Bedrock, Bottoms up, and the best of all was Itty Bitty Piggy. With that girl Ruby. They gave me so much life. Nic was going crazyyyy on that stage with Safaree. Like, when was the last time Nicki performed Itty Bitty Piggy live?! I’m crying again while writing all this, it was so amazing, I can’t explain it. And once again, that girl Ruby was sooo fucking amazing! Nic was so amazed by her! And Nicki slapped SB’s ass while performing SH!!!!!!!!! I was going crazyyyy!!!!! All those CF’s didn’t had a clue what I was spazzing about but thank god I had my team w/ me ^__^. lmfaoo one time the crowd was mad quite, and Nic and SB didn’t say anything, and Jay was like; AYO SB! And I said; WHAT THE FUCK’S GEWD? And they looked our way and everyone was laughing :p At the end Nic started telling us how amazing we were and Nicki literally said we shitted on all those other countries!!!! She told us she didn’t want to leave, and that she wants to live here, and she asked us where she had to live then, one person was like, IN MY BEDROOM. lmao, Nic was like; sir… LMFAOO. Now we’re the first confirmed country for the fall, she’ll be back at the 15th of October ^__^. Anyway, when she left the stage (for the first time) everyone walked away but I took arama to the front. we were standing at the fenches, so we were as close as we could be, and then Nicki came back in her bathrobe!!!!! so we were screaming and she made us hearts and tried to touch us but we were to far away, and then she left and came back, and left and came back and left and came back!!!!!!!!!! she came back to us 4 times but then she really had to leave for the M&G’s. When I saw Laura and Shai after their M&G’s they told me that Nic said that she knew that we were searching for her yesterday, and SB said; ‘but they were at the wrong hotel constantly’. I started crying and I couldn’t stop. She knew that we were there looking for her, and she also told them to tell me and some other TMNL that she loves us. I kept crying and I just couldn’t believe what had happened that night. Oh and another thing, Nicki gave the crowd her mic. like, she just made them touch it and rap along ^__^. But every good time comes to an end, and so does this one. She left to Italy after the concert. I wished she would’ve stayed one more night, so that we could go back to her hotel (the right one) and meet her. But she’ll be back in October so hopefully I’ll meet her then!!!

Anyway, this concert was a hell of a concert, my first one and best one! I still can’t believe I saw her and she saw me. I love her to death. Can’t wait for my moment to finally meet her.

(I left out the hotel names)

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