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Drizzy's letter

By: Paki

Dear: Brother Drizzy

First and foremost I want to say Happy 2 year anniversary [11.15.11] it was not the only year I met my {mother} Nicki Minaj but I met my mentor/brother Drake!!! I want to start of saying thank you for everything. Everything being your music, your advices, the most humblest fan base who have become my good friends, and of course your dancing skills lol. My first ever song I've heard from you was "City is Mine" and then, there I knew that I was an instant die hard. The line that stuck out the most to me was "Yessir, I live in a city where a lot of people don't get shine, shine". Besides the fact I have been watching you since Degrassi, your music came at a very vital time for me, it became a savior for my down times in high school. The fact you stand up for your city and you give people hope to be themselves and not be afraid of who they are. "You can be whoever you want even yourself" ;) All the camping out and lying to my parents and sneaking out for you is so worth it to engage in a convo with you for just 2.5 seconds is worth it. There's so much to say that has been unsaid to you. My life has changed for the best because of YOU, because of you "Nothing Was The Same" & again I can NOT thank you enough. Every time the media has some slick shit to say; you stand up and correct them; heck I agree you are MEDIA! My love for you bro will never change. Each day you make me so proud. Each interview or song I am able to relate, & put it into my perspectives, and excel in life. Every advice you've given was at the exact time I needed it. It amazes me how much you have influenced me coming up. I am humble, generous, successful, confident and excited about life because you've taught me to be the best I can be. The first time we met you said "I'm so happy and appreciated to meet you" (while I was crying) that will forever stick with me. One: no one has made me feel that special, & the fact you knew I was crying because kids like me do not win in life. Second: you knew it was my first time ever talking to you & being your only Pakistani Die-hard to accomplish so much; you offered a picture. I was shocked; that my own fave was happy to see me. I cried more. That will forever be the highlight of my life. This previous signing in September YOU REMEMBERED ME. OMG. That's what amazes me about you Drizzy. You never forget us. Like I will always THANK YOU. And of course one of the best fan bases #TeamDrizzy; where I met Meg, Stacey, Tasha, Gina & etc. People who are so helpful to keep us connected with you brother and always keep the "Word on Road" lol ;). This October I got to see you on the WYLAT and man was I more than pleased being in the front and you rapping with me for like 3 seconds; it was so amazing. I was tearing up the whole time. The crowd & cameras love you. That's how I know that I Stan for someone who will bring greater change to the world. I been supporting young money for the longest and I have seen you grow so much in life Drizzy that being proud and happy is an understatement. Please all I ask is that you keep this up. Only because I know that there will be many girls/boys coming to America scared from their pasts in Pakistan, their tough life and their restrictions. They will need somebody to continue looking up too, to get that relief feeling of freedom. So Drake, "Do Right And Kill Everything" :p
With all that goes on in my everyday life, there comes a time at night before bed, at my prayer time where I pray for you and YM. Pray for your happiness, success, health & wealth. As I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling and listening to the first track I play "305 to my city" off of NWTS..I doze off smiling, knowing that my brother will be there tomorrow to make it a better day, whether it be through his music, his Instagram, a surprise music video or his concert dance moves! If any trouble comes in the way I will always stand by your side, til Death. I love you bro, thank you for being my older sibling in disguise. Again, Happy 2nd anniversary. Take a "Shot for me" lol since I can't haha. Wish you the best and til we meet again. Xoxo

- @ymcmbpakistan

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