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How I Fell In Love With NICKI MINAJ!

Here Goes....

I fell in love with Nicki Minaj way back in December of 2008. I never knew anything about Nicki Minaj until my friend brought her up. The way she talked about Nicki made me think "Well damn! shut the fuck up already!!!!" lmfaooo! I remember that day like it was yesterday. We were in the library and she was trying to cheer me up since she couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and I didn't want to tell her because I knew that I would have cried like a BIG BABY if I told her my cousin just died just a few days before.

So, she just sung songs to me by Nicki, which I still didn’t know existed at the time.Then she pulled her iPod out and said “Who’s da baddest bitch in the game”?? I told her Trina because she was my favorite artist at the time and she always says she’s the “baddest bitch”. She gave me the craziest side eye ever and started rapping “Baddest Bitch” to me. I thought to myself “If this “Nicki” person sounded as bad as my friend did she was wack”. After she finally shut up she told me when I get home listen to “Autobiography” maybe that will cheer me up.

When I got home and listened to it everything I thought about Nicki Minaj went out the window. I was stuck because I thought to myself “Does this lady have a crystal ball and is reading my life story back to me?”,”Is she like my long lost sister or something because there’s no way in hell this girl coulda lived the same way I did”. Everything she said in that song was so real especially about her dad the only difference was that my dad wasn’t doing crack or at least I think so. I hated him for everything he eva did or said!

People always say you gotta learn to “forgive and forget”. But that shit is unrealistic you can always TRY to forgive but never will you FORGET what someone has done to you and your family.

After “Autobiography” songs just came into place. I heard “Sweetest Girl”, “N.I.G.G.A.S”, ”Encore”, “Dilly Dally”, and “Letcha Go” and those few songs did it for me. I never knew what she looked like until the next day then I really fell in love cuz she is BEAUTIFUL.

And that Team Minaj is how I fell in LOVE WITH NICKI MINAJ!

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