Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 12:08 AM

Anaheim Moment 4 Life.

Meeting Nicki in Anaheim was EVERYTHING. She's so beautiful and kind and sweet and small and she smells sooooooo freaking good! I was at total loss for words when I met her, but those 3 hugs she gave me WERE the WORLD to me! #TeamMinajCali was up in that VIP HOE.. lmao, TeamMinajbxtch, Jayrrr_, Chris2Die4Minaj, & TeamMinajOC... i wish i woulda got to meet @NickiPromoHoe_ & MassiveMinajTM but I know they were in that stadium repping for the QUEEN. :*) ... *Sigh* When Nicki was about to come out I saw SB in the robe and I started YELLING lmao I was the only one yelling on my side.. everyone was giving me the WTF look.. smh damn CF! But anyways Nicki's performance is AMAZING .. it gave me SO MUCH LIFE & her liddle spins and jumps she does are soooooooo adorable. ^_^ it all happened so fast. But it was THE BEST NIGHT of my life.. Man i fucking love Nicki so much!! I thank God for letting me have this experience and for Nicki being in my life. POW! That's all for now. I will post details about what happened later. Lol. Muah!

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    3 hugs?

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