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I have had enough of those bitchy girls in my year at school, they have decided that it's okay to be judgmental, nasty, make horrible comments towards me and just be general idiots. One night they even thought it would be okay to threaten, yes THREATEN my best friend (her name is Jade by the way). I hate how they parade around my school thinking they're better than everyone else and look down on you as if you were a piece of dirt on the bottom of their shoe, making me feel exactly like that especially when i'm having a bad day. They hate when me and Jade fight back to anything they have to say which provokes them even more and makes them angry which is amusing but then again they can become even more vile towards us. This all started because of who Jade got in a relationship with 3 years ago, they're still going strong and those girls are still on her back, at this point none of them had a problem with me and i was quite friendly with a few of them, but when i went into my 10th year of school i became close with Jade very quickly and her boyfriends friends in the year above, they didn't like that so all of a sudden they had a problem with me. Ever since, they have been vile to me and Jade. I have had enough of their nasty bitchy comments and dirty look that we both get off of all them. But mainly it's the rumours that now have been spread round to everyone in my school by these girls, even the ones that i have never even spoke to just so they can fit in with their so called 'friends'. And what makes it worse, it's been mentioned to the school so many times, yet they still haven't done anything to stop it from happening....

I'm so sorry this is so long winded but i felt like i needed to get it all off my chest. If someone does read all of this and has got this far, first of all so sorry it's so long but secondly thank you! Just thought i needed to share it as i know many other girls of my age go through exactly the same thing every single day. Thanks Barbs xxxxxx

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    On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 9:59 PM, TheBrunetteBarbie said:

    I know, i don't think they realise how their actions affect people

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    On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 9:53 PM, PeachMinaj said:

    Bullying is never the answer smh

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