Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 2:00 PM

omg i cannot believe everyone tryin to steal nicki and pimp her

BOYS NEVAH CHANGE. THEY REALLY THINK THEY CAN USE MONEY AND MATERIALISM TO BUY A WOMAN. A *REEAAAAAAL^^ woman knows theres more important things that matter, like love and loyalty AND ROOTS SO ALL U NUKKAHS NEED TO SIT THE F U C K down and get OFF her MONEY before i get buck wild mS style while sittin legs crossed countin mah money cuz im the invisible boss....ONE PERSONS GAIN IS ANOTHERS LOSS. OHHH WELL....DAWGIE TOO BUSY STONED COLD TO SEE TALENT BLAZIN THROUGH THE STREETS. screw u losers!!! YM SALUTE! and....................ROJAH THAT!

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